Why Writing is Important

Writing is one of the most important and most powerful forms of art ever! Ever imagine how disadvantaged each generation would be if the one before decided to not write anything down? The world would have been robbed off important knowledge and information that has greatly contributed to developing and making it a better place. One question that has been constant on my mind lately is “How important or valuable is a piece of writing?” be it an article, letter, book, blog post, poem, or note.

Four Importance of writing

Means of expression: Firstly, writing could be a great alternative to people having Glossophobia, (The fear of speaking in public). In time past, I’ve failed to answer a question whose answer was just on my fingertip, simply because of the crowd of people and because of the fear of speaking in public. I would frequently blame, especially when prizes were given to the people that answered the question(s). Disappointing I know, but try doing what I later started doing, -writing down your answer on a small piece of paper and try and get it over to the moderator. This way you’ll not deprive yourself of the opportunity of contributing and yet you’ll still be taking yourself off the spotlight and the anxiety that comes with it. Great writers such as William Shakespeare, Chimamanda Adichie, Barrack Obama, etc… are reputed for their great writing skills. They are not just able to write, but express their emotions to their reading audience which has often served as emotional healing.

Means of communication: From time immemorial, writing has always been inexistent. From writing on scrolls and sending via pet birds (owls, eagles) to take to the desired audience, to the emergence of letter writing. Even with the emergence of the digital age, texting and email messaging are all forms of writing. This proves that writing has always helped the world communicate to itself.

Organization of Ideas: As a writer, spending hours organizing my scripts from each sentence to paragraph has helped me in generally constructing my thoughts and presenting them in a more orderly and acceptable manner. Proposals are perfect examples of such forms of writing. Be it a substandard or informal proposal or an advanced and well-developed one, writing down your ideas could go a long way in improving your speaking and manner of presenting your thoughts in public.

Record Keeping and Data Transfer: In my days in medical school, our lecturer once showed us an anatomy textbook that was written as far back as 1977. The information in that textbook has educated thousands of doctors over the years, and it has formed the bases for research and modification which has led to modern discoveries. My grandma had her 6th surgery in January, I was surprised when the hospital brought records of her 5th and 4th surgery in her hospital files which have been there for over five years. These records helped the new doctors take informed decisions that guided the surgery process.

With these few points of mine, I believe I’ve been able to convince you and not confuse you, that writing is very important. Got more tips on the Importance of writing? Please share.

May 16, 2021

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