Why these four categories of people need to get involved in e-learning

Our core belief is that knowledge has the power to transform. In this rapidly changing world, things are set to evolve faster and knowledge has the tendency to become outdated if not frequently updated.

This blog explores certain groups of people who have the tendency to encounter the issue highlighted above based on their career or academic level as well as recommendations to keep their knowledge updated and relevant.

The categories include but are not limited to the following

  • Individuals awaiting admission to higher institutions (Awaiting admission)
  • Individuals currently seeking for a job or recently graduated (Job seekers)
  • Individuals who are currently working (Career person)
  • Individuals who are self-employed (Self-employed/ Entrepreneurs)

Awaiting admission:

A major category or group that can become outdated in terms of the relevance of their knowledge and skill set are individuals looking for admission into higher institutions especially in Nigeria. This is partly because of how overwhelming and frustrating this wait can be as well as the uncertainties and duration associated with the admission seeking process. This can also be a financially challenging time for such an individual.

In order to stay afloat and keep one’s knowledge up to date in this category, we recommend learning materials and tutorial documents in their preferred career or discipline which are easier to access especially in terms of internet data requirements. This will help them to still retain a reading culture, which is very crucial as they advance into the higher institutions. Some of these materials can be accessed via our Resource Library.

Furthermore, they can take free online courses available on different online learning platforms such as our E-Skill Centre, Khan Academy, edX, Cousera, etc.

E-learning is important here to help this group both refresh what they know and also help them gain new relevant knowledge through online courses related to their proposed discipline.

Check our more PDF and books at the Resource Library

Job Seekers:

You might be wondering how e-learning can be relevant to a job seeker who should be more focused on landing the job. This is how; most jobs require an interviewing process to select qualified candidates, this further requires that the job seeker was be well acquainted with knowledge relevant to both the position he or she applied for as well as possible interview questions.

Online learning courses or videos regarding interview preparations, communication skills, etc. are very important to aid the interview preparation process. Also, online courses can be used to do a quick run through information or knowledge one is not familiar especially at a self-paced timing as well to take refresher courses for those courses one has forgotten.

Furthermore, if one is applying for a job which are not directly relate to your degree, you need to get yourself acquainted with what the job entails even if you will eventually be trained on the job. It is always better to begin with an idea or perspective rather than being completely unaware of what you are required to do.

Finally, the time you spend seeking for a job can be used to build yourself and career by taking certificate courses to help build your CV and increase your chances of landing that dream job.

Career person:

A lot of jobs these days are time and energy consuming and may not give employees the time to formally enroll in any major degree or certificate programs especially due to the time constraint.

However, it is very important for one to gain new and advanced knowledge in order to stay relevant even in the workplace. For this to be possible, an individual in this category will need a learning system that is flexible with respect to time. This is where e-learning plays a great role as most of the courses available online are self-paced. This means that the learner can take the classes at his or her preferred time which is very beneficial to workers who already have fixed working hours.

Furthermore, there are technical tasks and challenges one faces at work that can be solved easily through technical online forums which gives one a platform to ask questions and get immediate answers from professionals in that field across the world. Some of which are: Stackoverflow, GitHub, Quora, etc

Self-employed/ Entrepreneurs

This category or group covers individuals who own their business. They have control over their time and at this level, e-learning can be highly beneficial.

Firstly, as an entrepreneur, the need to keep up with innovations, trends, technology, marketing patterns and all the factors that influence business cannot be over emphasized. It is therefore important that you create the time for learning. Online courses, Electronic Libraries and Technical forums play a great deal here.

Also, entrepreneurs looking to further their education can get enrolled in online educational institutions and undertake degree programs at different level. With adequate searching and consulting, once can find a good platform to meet your learning needs.

Being an entrepreneur requires that one is well acquainted with new tips and tricks of the business, as well as factors that give you a better competitive advantage. E-learning can be your frequent go-to solution for this kind of information in its simplest form for you to learn.

Author: Ejiro Ighodaye
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