As You Make Your Bed So You’ll Lie On It.

My grandmother was more than a human being to me, she was a protective shield. She’ll always use the phrase “as you make your bed, so you’ll lie on it”. Despite telling me that countless times, I never really experienced it until I left her roof. She always made sure my bed was properly made, so she’ll make the bed for me on days I failed to make it. This fairytale life didn’t last for as long as I’d have wanted it to. Shortly I was exposed to a life of “Make your bed if you want to” (that’s if you even have a bed). So, this life made me proactive and better prepared. That leads me to the topic of this article: Preparation.

Whilst it may be easy to say. Preparation is not always easy to practice, at least not easy as “motivational speakers” try to make it seem. On some mornings, your alarm clock is usually your worst enemy. Howbeit, the importance of preparation can never be over-emphasized. Sometimes, not preparing adequately may even be fatal, just like driving at a high speed with a car whose wheels aren’t properly screwed -Fatal! Let’s look at five reasons why preparation is Important.

Five Reasons Why Preparation Is Important.

Preparation cuts across all works of life, be it a student, employer, employee, entrepreneur, or freelancer, preparation is very vital, let’s take a look at a few reasons why preparation is important.

  1. Helps you deliver efficiently: One of the most important qualities any individual should possess is the quality of efficient delivery. This goes beyond completing any given task, to completing it with a high level of productivity and organization. This is a highly “sort after” trait by most employers. Also, the entrepreneurial space is speedily becoming competitive as each day passes, and to still maintain a good customer base, products and services must be delivered efficiently. The process of preparing guarantees mastery and once mastery is achieved, the efficiency of delivery is also guaranteed.
  2. Helps you become proactive: Preparation helps you control your reactions to situations instead of reacting impulsively. In leadership and even beyond, this is very pivotal. Impulsive reactions are most likely bound to not produce the best result in circumstances; because the decisions to be made have not been carefully considered. On the other hand, preparing ahead makes you make informed decisions instead of impulsive decisions.
  3. Helps reduce risks and crisis: The process of preparing exposes you to the dangers that may be lurking ahead. A simple example may be checking your car before driving it out, as simple as this may sound, it could be a lifesaver. The process of carefully checking your car may reveal a bad part that needs fixing or servicing.
  4. Helps in critical and strategic thinking: Preparation, especially mentally, requires mental involvement. Consider the process of preparing for a presentation, or an IQ test. It’ll require lots of mental involvement. This will in turn improve your mental involvement.
  5. Helps Improve personal discipline: Preparation does not only guarantee a timely and disciplined output/performance but over time, guarantees a disciplined lifestyle. It’ll affect the time and manner you turn up for occasions, the way you’ll speak, dress, and will affect your general lifestyle.

Last but not the least, it makes the food taste better (smiles). The only different thing in the world is you. So let your voice be heard, leave feedback or contribution in the comment section. Thanks.