Why Patience Is Important

In a hurry to catch up on a bus at the park, I forgot to collect my debit card after withdrawing from a mobile banking center (POS station). Staying for about nine days at my destination I was worried about my missing card. I noticed the absence of the card after some days, and this would be the second time I’ll be losing my debit card this year. Returning from my journey, I decided to stop by the POS station where I withdrew before traveling and ask if I left my card there. Bringing out a pack of cards that were forgotten by people after withdrawing, I surprisingly found my card there and there were more than 20 cards. “I don’t know where you guys are always rushing to,” the lady said as she handed the card to me after confirming it was mine.

One thing that struck me about this ordeal was the number of cards I found there. How long will it take to wait and collect a card after withdrawal that not just me but lots of other people lacked the patience? While this instance is just a “one-off” there are other instances that illustrate the level of impatience, especially among young people. Waiting for the traffic sign, completing a book one would enthusiastically start, navigating through the challenges of being a new employee, being patient with kids struggling with their academics, or even ourselves. We often go hard on ourselves not knowing that everything takes a little more time than we imagined, and following through the process may be just what we need to enjoy the process. The importance of patience cannot be exhausted in a blog post but let’s look at three reasons why patience is Important.

Three Reasons Why Patience Is Important

IT PUTS YOU IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE: According to Fuller Theological Seminary professor Sarah A. Schnitker and UC Davis psychology professor Robert Emmons in their 2007 study, patient people tend to experience less depression and negative emotions, perhaps because they can cope better with upsetting or stressful situations. They also rate themselves as more mindful and feel more gratitude towards themselves and everything going on around them. Powerful, we always want the outcomes of a situation to be in our favor, especially at our own pace and timing. The process of controlling all of these is mostly what makes us impatient with others and ourselves. This in turn makes us lose control of our thoughts and actions. In taking any decision, be it accepting or rejecting an offer, going somewhere, saying yes or no, “waiting a little longer” will always prove to be profitable.

PATIENCE HELPS YOU BUILD BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: People like growth, but often find it difficult to try out something new. Maybe because of the fear of the unknown, being patient with people in any form of relationship will improve the quality of the relationship shared within you. Being patient is clearly different from being complacent, it’s just accepting the fact that everything takes time, and some things may take a little more. Be it growth, the desired change in a spouse, a policy to implement, a deal to seal, etc. they all take time.

PATIENCE HELPS IN SMART DECISION MAKING: Impulsive decisions are often not the best, the pros and cons may not have been considered, the possible risks to be encountered too. Patiently considering the available options before making any decision is very important. It could save you from lots of stress, be it mental, emotional, psychological, financial, etc. carefully and patiently considering the timing and other factors when making an investment is also a very important skill for any investor or businessman, and even after investing, patience is also needed to see your capital turn into profit.

A big congratulations to you if you’re reading this last paragraph, you patiently read through, and that is a good first step. Make it a priority to practice the virtue of patience, its’ reward is immeasurable. Got more tips on patience? Please share with me and the world.


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