Why Hire A Sailing Charter For Celebrating Intimate Occasions With Family And Friends?

There is magic in the breeze of the deep blue ocean and sailing on a bright, sunny day makes it even more mesmerizing. The modern and luxurious yachts are equipped with all the trendy amenities to provide customized, tailor-made service. The experienced captain along with the chef and bartenders make the experience exotic. 

  • Experience Sailing Overlooking the New York Skyscrapers  

The Sailing Charters NY are great to enjoy a private time with someone special or simply celebrate a special occasion with family and friends. The luxury sailing charters are all stocked with amazing features to make the experience a memorable and thrilling one.  

The sailing yacht or charter is perfect to enjoy holidays in New York enjoying the beautiful skyscrapers, monuments and escaping the chaos. The charter gives privacy and hence a perfect way to enjoy a tailored and customized experience that offers a spectacular view. 

  • Book a Tailored Luxury Sailing Experience in NYC 

By booking a customized sailing charter, you are the boss and you can tailor the requirements. It is a great way to party or celebrate with close family and friends. The sailing charters have different capacity and a private charter means no invasion of privacy.  

New York can be experienced in a whole new way by booking a private charter. The Party Boat NYC has everything right from an exclusive menu with the world-class chef and bartending service, music, and all safety measures are first put in place. Here are some of the experiences through charter service.

  • New Year’s is quite a chaotic and crowded timing in New York with a festive mood. Hire a private charter to get an unobstructed and beautiful view of New York’s Firework
  • Want to propose to your sweetheart for marriage? The private charter service provides organize everything to ensure you put out the best marriage proposal
  • Get away from the rush and chaos of the city and enjoy a romantic dinner on a private yacht. Have a waiter serve you amazing food and drinks, play some nice music and make it memorable
  • There are large capacities yachts perfect for organizing a corporate party. This helps in establishing a good reputation with the client
  • Exclusive Customer Service to Make Sailing Memorable  

All the crew in the yacht or boat is highly trained and experienced and assures 100% dedicated and professional service. The dedicated crew like captain, deckhand, and steward or stewardess makes sure to make the experience enjoyable for the guests. 

The charters have an in-house bar and chef to get served with delectable onboard food and drink of choice. The yachts even organize private parties by hiring DJ or inviting live music performances. The staff is always around to make sure guests are comfortable during their journey.  

There are private yachts or charter which can be hired with on-board equipment for water activities. One of the biggest advantages of hiring a yacht or charter is no stressing or getting stuck in traffic. It is all about sunbathing, relaxing, and having a good time with the sea breeze.