Why Fire Safety Rules Are So Strict in UAE?

In the United Arab Emirates, every property owner needs to follow strict fire safety rules. Neglecting these rules can put you in lots of trouble. Anyone who neglects fire safety rules not only violates the government-mandated law but also risk others’ life.

Therefore, violating fire safety rules are punishable offense according to the United Arab Emirate government. Hence, you needed to be serious about fire safety rules in UAE. Follow these sets of fire safety rules if you don’t want to face jail or pay penalties.

  1. Appoint a licensed fire safety company to draw a fire safety plan
  2. Prepare a fire escape plan for inhabitants of the building
  3. Install necessary fire alarms for the building
  4. Install appropriate fire extinguishers in the building
  • Fire safety plan

You must need to consult a licensed fire safety expert to draw a fire safety plan. The expert will give you the right suggestions to reduce fire risks on your property. You can contact commercial building design services in UAE for assistance. Their licensed fire safety expert will guide you in the right direction.

  • Fire escape plan

After receiving preliminary suggestions, you need to create a fire escape plan for the inhabitants of the building. In the case of any fire accident, this plan will let everyone get out of the property easily. In the UAE, it is mandated to have a fire escape plan on every commercial building. Not having a fire escape plan or route can get you into lots of trouble after any fire accident.

  • Fire alarms

The fire alarm warns everyone in the building at the beginning stage of the fire. As a result, people can take the necessary steps to blow out the fire when it is small. Fire alarms can prevent big fire accidents from happening. Due to this reason, it is mandatory in UAE to install smoke detectors and fire alarms in every commercial building.

  • Fire extinguishers

Along with fire alarms, the building must have sprinklers and fire extinguishers. These days, most sprinklers are automated and they can extinguish fire quickly. You can contact the fire suppression system installation in UAE for these devices. At an affordable rate, they supply necessary devices for fire suppression. They also check these devices annually and ensure that these fire suppression systems remain in active mode.

Fire is a big risk to modern society. Flammable objects surround us and many fire sources are always available near us. Due to this reason, fire accidents can happen at any time. To protect ourselves from fire accidents, we need to stay prepared all the time. The UAE government has taken a great effort to implement fire safety rules very strictly in the country.

For this reason, fire accident rates in UAE are very low. As a property owner, you have to follow all mandated fire safety rules in this country. Not complying with fire safety rules is a criminal offense and it can send you to jail. Contact a fire safety expert if you don’t want this to happen to you.

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