Why Education Is Important -School Na Scam?

“SCHOOL NA SCAM!” This is arguably one of the most popular phrases that exist among Nigerian youths. Especially among the undergraduates and unemployed graduates, and truthfully, this phrase is not about exiting their minds or mouths anytime soon. I’m not so bothered about the existence of this phrase as much as I’ve been trying to honestly ask myself if truly “SCHOOL NA SCAM”? whereas education remains necessary for the enlightenment and equipping of our minds and intellect, is Nigeria’s public educational system really upholding the essence of education? Covenant University is reputed for producing many quality first-class graduates, a social media trend saw a lot of people share their opinions. The majority of people expressed their delight with covenant university and stressed that they make education valuable, some said lecturers award students their due marks as compared to their public counterparts and lots of other points.

Away from the series of challenges that one would face in their bid to attend a public university in Nigeria, I want to shift my focus away from the process of being schooled to post-schooling. The “Million-Naira” question is What next? After going through the hurdles of a rigorous educational system, what next for the Nigerian Graduate hoping to build a life in Nigeria? A lot of young people go to school with the hope of getting a “good job” and starting a life afterward, and according to the National Bureau of statistics, over 50,000 graduates are produced annually, with less than 5% of them gaining employment, leaving their expectations before going to school unmet. Clearly, there is a problem, but not on education, so what is the importance of education one may ask? Why go to school? Let’s look at three reasons why education is important?

Three Reasons Why Education Is Important

Be it formal or informal education, the importance of education is inexhaustible, but let’s look at three major importance of education.

IT MAKES YOU KNOWLEDGEABLE: Undeniably, knowledge is power! Being knowledgeable about anything could put you in control over that thing. Be it finance, medicine, science, law, and lots more, education equips you with the requisite knowledge required to navigate through any field of life. That knowledge in turn empowers you to make informed decisions that will be beneficial in life.

HELPS YOU DEVELOP PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS: It all begins from looking for the value of x in an algebra class, (maybe before then I guess). Problem-solving skills are cultivated all through the process of being educated, from solving mathematical problems to science-related problems in a typical physics, chemistry, or biology class. Even in an Art, or commercial class, the process of conceptualizing any form of artwork – the perfect color, shape, naming, and giving interpretations to any art equips one with problem-solving skills. For those into commerce, I need not mention the relationship between supply and demand, estimating the value of a commodity, and fighting against inflation and monopoly, all of these imbibes problem-solving skills into any individual. It takes problem-solving skills to stay alive in today’s world and education readily provides that.

IMPROVES YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE: Firstly, it improves the way you relate to people, education teaches socio-cultural skills that instill values of respect and regard to one another. Secondly, it improves your sense of reasoning, how you understand and go about things, even in business, it affects how you package and present your commodity to your customers. Thirdly, education improves your employability level, unless you want to be an entrepreneur or a freelancer, your level of certification determines your employment – ranging from the type of job to the position you can occupy, to salary level and lots more. Education makes you better equipped in a competitive world such as the one we live in today.

I completely understand the plight of those “SCHOOL NA SCAM” faithful, I’ve also been affected by the system, but the system of schooling in any country cannot and will not reduce the value of education. so as I conclude, I make bold to say, “SCHOOL NO BE SCAM”. Got a contrary opinion? Leave feedback in the comment section.


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