Why are Pakistani Bridal Dresses famous?

Nowadays, Pakistani bridal dresses, known as sharara or lehenga, have become increasingly popular in recent years, both in Pakistan and abroad. There are several reasons why these ornate and colorful dresses are so well-loved for brides on their occasions:

Tradition – Bridal dresses in Pakistan draw inspiration from the region’s rich cultural traditions. Many of the dress styles and ornamentation date back centuries. Brides want to feel connected to their heritage on their wedding day.

ArtistryPakistani bridal dresses feature exquisite hand embroidery and needlework. Delicate floral patterns, sparkling sequins, crystals, and tiny mirrors cover the fabric. The dresses are true works of art and a testament to the skills of the artisans.

Elegant Silhouettes – Lehengas and shararas elegantly drape and flow over the body. The long shirts, crop tops, and flowing skirts are figure-flattering and regal. Brides feel like royalty on their wedding day.

Color – Vibrant hues and intense colors like fuchsia, turquoise, emerald, and gold adorn the dresses. The colors signify joy, celebration, and new beginnings for the bride embarking on her new life.

Customization – No two bridal dresses are alike. Pakistani brides work closely with designers to customize their outfit sizes from fabric, cors, and embroidery patterns down to the smallest details.

Status Symbol – A lavish, custom-designed bridal dress is a matter of pride and status for Pakistani brides and their families. The dresses signal that no expense was spared for the joyous occasion.

Bridal Dresses for Pakistani Brides Abroad

Destination weddings outside Pakistan are becoming increasingly popular among Pakistani brides. Even though they still want classic bridal attire, various weather and bridal trends must be taken into account. For Pakistani brides residing overseas, the following advice on selecting bridal gowns:

Fabric: For weddings held in warm weather, lighter, more breathable materials like charmeuse, georgette, or chiffon should be chosen. Steer clear of bulky, perhaps unpleasant brocades or silks.

Embroidery: Concentrate your embroidery on the dupatta (veil), hemline, and neckline. In warmer conditions, all-over embroidery can be overwhelming and heavy.

Silhouette: For destination beach weddings, more flowing and figure-skimming shapes are ideal. Steer clear of lehengas that are too full since they may appear clunky.

Modesty: Bridal gowns worn overseas ought to honor customs. Instead, choose transparent long sleeves or higher necklines.

Accents: Use elements that are specific to the venue, such as sequin patterns for a sophisticated metropolitan wedding or floral lace trims for an island wedding.

Colors: Choose muted variations of classic hues such as champagne gold, mint green, or pastel pink. Dark, rich hues often seem ill-suited.

Weather: Choose a bridal shawl or cape for outdoor or winter weddings to be warm and comfortable while still showcasing the dress.

The ideal location for Pakistani brides strikes a balance between tradition and usability. International brides aspire to feel stylish and elegant at their wedding while simultaneously embodying their culture.

What should you consider before purchasing a Pakistani wedding gown?

What to keep in mind while buying a Pakistani bridal dress?

Shopping for the perfect Pakistani bridal dress takes time and consideration. Here are some tips for brides to ensure a successful dress-buying experience:

Start earlyBridal dress shopping should begin 9-12 months prior to the wedding date. Custom dresses take time to create, with multiple fittings.

Know your style – Study bridal magazines and websites to identify what styles you are drawn to – mermaid cuts, A-lines, lehengas, shararas, etc. This helps guide your search.

Set a budget – Wedding dresses span a broad range of prices. Have a budget in mind before shopping to avoid falling in love with a dress you can’t afford.

Book appointments – Make appointments with designers or boutiques in advance. Bridal appointments are often booked months out.

Bring helpers – Bring supportive friends or relatives whose aesthetic you trust. Limit to 1-3 people to avoid too many opinions.

Wear proper undergarments – Wear nude shapewear and strapless bra options when trying on dresses. This gives the most accurate fit. 

Take pictures – Have attendants take of each dress photos from allh dress. It’s hard to remember details later.

Walk around – Move around in the dresses, site and dance to ensure you can function in the dress and veil.

Envision the whole look – Picture your hair, make-up, and accessories paired with each dress. The entire bridal style should feel cohesive.

Trust your gut – Go with the dress that makes you glow inside and out. Don’t second-guess or doubt that initial magical feeling.

Focusing on practical matters as well as sentiment will lead brides to the perfect dream dress.

What is the best method to identify the original clothes?

With the popularity of Pakistani bridalwear, knock-off and imitation dresses have flooded the market. Brides invest considerable time and money into their wedding day looks and want to avoid getting duped by counterfeit dresses. Here are some tips for spotting original authentic bridalwear:

Examine Stitching – Original dresses have intricate, neat stitching on the embroidered patterns. Frayed threads, uneven stitches, or loose beading indicate a knock-off.

Study Fabrics – Feel for the fabric quality. Authentic dresses use fine silks, chiffon, organza, and velvet. Inferior fabrics that seem rough or synthetic are red flags. 

Look at Embellishments – Original dresses have glass, pearl and beadwork that appears meticulously attached. Missing stones or beads that fall off easily point to fakes.

Seek Reputable Vendors – Purchase couture dresses directly from esteemed Pakistani designers or their authorized retailers. Avoid random online vendors.

Request Certificates – Ask designers for authenticity certificates with holograms or logos to verify genuine dresses.

Comparison Shop – If a dress seems suspiciously cheap compared to gowns of similar style, it likely isn’t the real thing.

Trust your Instincts – If doubts linger about construction, materials or price, trust your gut over hoping you got a “good deal.”

While imitation dresses aim to cash in on classic bridal looks, genuine couture offers unmatched and lasting quality. Brides seeking heirloom-worthy dresses for their special day should invest in authenticated original pieces. You should visit Blavida for more important article there are you will get helpful article for you.