green walls in Toronto

Why Are Living Walls Gaining So Much Popularity In This Urbanized World?

A green wall, also called a living wall, can be said to be a vertical garden which is generally created on a wall, whether indoors or outdoors. These living walls are gaining much popularity in residential spaces, workplaces, and other commercial areas. This acclaim is due to the many benefits the green wall brings to the surroundings and the amazing aesthetic appeal they bring. An indoor and well-lit place can make a suitable environment for the green wall to thrive. Let us see some of the reasons why an increasing number of people are opting for green walls in Toronto and elsewhere. 

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Since pollutants exist all around us, having a green wall can be a good choice for reducing the effects of these pollutants. The air systems and ductwork that we have inside our homes can lead to toxic fumes being infiltrated into the air we breathe. This can cause ‘Sick Building Syndrome. But living walls can impressively clear up the toxins since plants are very good at absorbing pollutants. The more plants you have, the more toxins will be absorbed. Hence, a green wall contains as many as a thousand plants which can help remove VOCs, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and other hazardous elements from the air. 

Protect The Building

Outdoor green walls in Toronto act as climate control, thus protecting your home or building. It prevents the building from corrosion from expanding and contracting during extreme temperatures by preventing dramatic temperature fluctuations. The plants in a living wall can also act as a natural insulation that keeps the air inside the building cooler in the summer months and warmer during the winter, thus saving a lot of energy spent on artificial insulation. The design of these vertical gardens allows the building to breathe and shields it from precipitation, harmful UV rays, wind and corrosive rain, and provides a natural environment for birds, bees, and butterflies. check more about Kohler kitchen sink

Provide Health Benefits

The plants in the living wall can offer instant relief by softening the environment by reducing noise and eliminating pollution due to their instant calming effect. Workplaces with living walls have been shown to increase productivity, and at home, they are known to increase tranquility by easing stress and fatigue and offering energy-rich oxygen. Such vertical gardens are also placed in hospitals due to their calming benefits, which can help patients’ quick recovery. If installed in the kitchen, you can try an edible living wall by adding herbs and lettuce. 

Sustainability Credentials

Many high-end hotels and restaurants commonly use living walls in marketing to stand apart from their competitors. Green walls have become an amazing way to present a brand, giving it a more sustainable and eco-friendly image. They have also been shown to increase the value of a property by 20%.  check more about Kohler sink faucet

Urban Farming

Since the rise of urbanization, we have lost a number of pollinator species, especially in the cities, and many more, like bees, have entered the endangered list. Losing such important pollinators can have extreme consequences. But living walls act as great contributors to biodiversity. So when planning a green wall, make sure that you choose your plants wisely and go for those which attract a wide range of pollinators like butterflies, bees, and birds, which are important to our ecosystem. 

Things To Know Before Installing A Living Wall

Indoor walls are easier to build and maintain as compared to outdoor walls. A vertical wall specialist can help you to create the perfect vertical garden based on your lifestyle and needs. The experts can help you decide which plants would be best for your surroundings, which wall to use for the purpose, and whether the wall will receive direct sunlight. Plants like the bamboo palm, chrysanthemums, aloe vera, azalea, peace lilies and ivy are very good at removing toxins. 

Consulting someone knowledgeable can help you find the right way to install a green wall which generally comprises shelves or plant containers that can be attached directly to the walls. There might be more complicated configurations that contain both vertical and horizontal structures, while some containers may even be hung from the ceiling. However, the most important factors to consider will be that the plants get the proper amount of sunlight needed for their growth and can be easily watered. The green wall should be set up in such a way that air can freely flow around the plants, as air is very important to plants. The specialist will also consider the humidity levels and water availability before you finalize anything.


Green walls are a great inclusion to urban landscapes, hence their rising popularity, since they have made a big mark in urban areas while also significantly contributing to our well-being. In addition to the above benefits, living walls also support our aim of saving the planet from further damage.