Going through a family law case can be overwhelming. So you hire an attorney to move past the ordeal and achieve a favorable outcome regarding child custody, child support, asset division, etc. But what if your attorney fails to meet your expectations? When is it too late to fire your attorney in a family law case?


The decision to change your attorney in the middle of a case shouldn’t be taken lightly. Understanding your rights as a client and the consequences of switching attorneys mid-way is crucial to answering the above question.


When Should You Avoid Changing Attorneys?


As a client, you have the right to change attorneys anytime you want. However, the following situations may indicate it’s too late to do so:


·        Close to Trial Date


If you are close to a trial date and your attorney has invested significant time and resources to prepare for your case, firing them at this point can harm your case.


·        Settlement Agreement


If your lawyer is nearing a settlement agreement with the opposing counsel, firing them can jeopardize the whole process and be detrimental to a favorable resolution.


If you find yourself needing to change your attorney, know that you have the right to do so. While it may harm your case in certain circumstances, terminating legal services makes sense if your attorney cannot meet your expectations.


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