What will result from the Trump election

But what are the most important issues that surpass all others in importance?

What will result from the Trump election that will affect the fulfillment of the prophecies during the end time the most?

The Bible prophesies that America will not be a part of the world government of the Antichrist. It also foretells that America will protect Israel against the Antichrist throughout the time of the Great Tribulation.

World Government

Under the Obama administration, the U.S. was pursuing a policy of globalism. Former President Obama was a big proponent of the emerging system of global governance. He threw America’s borders open, refusing to enforce our immigration laws. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promised to continue the globalist policies of Barack Obama.

On the other hand, President Donald Trump strongly opposed globalization and open borders. He wanted to control our borders and restore American sovereignty.

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Especially at the end of his presidential term, it became obvious that Former President Obama was determined to force Israel into dividing the city of Jerusalem for the purpose of establishing a capital for the Palestinians. His approval of UN Resolution 2334, which declared that all Israeli presence in territories conquered in the 1967 War including Jerusalem was a flagrant violation of international law, demonstrated his true colors all along. Hillary, while Secretary of State, was a strong enemy of Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem. She fought fiercely against the expansion of Jewish presence in east Jerusalem.

In contrast, President Trump spoke during his campaign against forcing Israel to sign any peace agreement that was against its interest. He stated clearly that there will be no daylight between Israel and the United States under the Trump administration.

Since the Bible prophesies that America will not be a part of the emerging world government, and since it states that America will protect Israel from the Antichrist and his one-world government, and since the Trump victory appeared to be impossible, it’s hard to argue that the results of our recent election were anything short of divine intervention.

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