Emergency Dentist in Houston, TX

What Services Can I Expect From An Emergency Dentist In Houston, TX?

When dental emergencies occur, it’s crucial to seek immediate dental care to alleviate pain, prevent further damage, and ensure oral health. In Houston, TX, there are dedicated emergency dentists who provide prompt and specialized services. This article explores the services you can expect from an emergency dentist in Houston, TX.

Emergency Dental Care:

Prompt Assessment: Emergency dentists in Houston, TX, prioritize quick assessment and diagnosis of dental emergencies. They understand the urgency and aim to provide immediate relief.

Pain Management: Whether it’s severe toothaches, dental abscesses, or other sources of dental pain, emergency dentists offer effective pain management solutions. They employ various techniques, including local anesthesia and sedation, to ensure you’re comfortable during the procedure.

Dental Trauma Treatment:

Tooth Fractures: Emergency dentists in Houston, TX, are skilled in treating tooth fractures caused by accidents or injuries. They evaluate the extent of the fracture and recommend appropriate treatments such as bonding, dental veneers, or dental crowns.

Knocked-Out Teeth: If a tooth gets completely knocked out, immediate action is crucial. Emergency dentists in Houston, TX, can re-implant the tooth if possible or provide suitable tooth replacement options such as dental implants, bridges, or dentures.

Dental Infections And Abscesses:

Diagnosis and Treatment: Emergency dentists diagnose and treat dental infections and abscesses promptly. They may prescribe antibiotics to control the infection and perform procedures like root canals or incision and drainage if necessary.

Follow-up Care: After treating the infection, emergency dentists ensure proper follow-up care to monitor the healing process and prevent any complications.

Dental Crown Procedure In Houston, TX:

Assessment and Preparation: If you require a Dental Crown Procedure in Houston, TX, will first assess the tooth and determine if a crown is the appropriate treatment. They will then prepare the tooth by removing any decayed or damaged portions and reshaping it to ensure a proper fit for the crown.

Temporary Crown: In some cases, emergency dentists will place a temporary crown while a permanent crown is being fabricated in a dental laboratory. This temporary crown protects the tooth and maintains its function and aesthetics until the permanent crown is ready.

Customization and Placement: Emergency dentists work closely with dental laboratories to customize your permanent dental crown. They consider factors such as color, shape, and size to match your natural teeth. Once the crown is ready, it is bonded or cemented onto the prepared tooth, restoring its strength, function, and appearance.

Post-Crown Care: After the dental crown procedure, your emergency dentist will provide instructions on how to care for your new crown. This may include recommendations for oral hygiene practices and avoiding certain foods that could potentially damage the crown.


In Houston, TX, emergency dentists provide a wide range of services to address dental emergencies promptly. From emergency dental care and trauma treatment to specialized procedures like dental crown placement, these dentists ensure your oral health and well-being are restored. If you experience a dental emergency in Houston, TX, don’t hesitate to reach out to an emergency dentist for immediate assistance.