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What is the weight limit for a pet on Southwest?

Southwest Airlines is known for its pet-friendly policies, allowing passengers to travel with their furry companions. However, it’s essential to understand the weight limit for pets on Southwest to ensure a smooth travel experience for both you and your pet.

Understanding the Weight Limit

When traveling with Southwest Airlines, the weight limit for pets, including the carrier, is 20 pounds. This weight limit ensures that pets can travel comfortably and safely in the aircraft cabin.

Guidelines for Pet Carriers

Pet carriers must adhere to specific guidelines set by Southwest Airlines. The carrier should be leak-proof and well-ventilated, providing ample space for the pet to stand and move around comfortably. Additionally, the carrier must fit under the seat in front of the passenger during the entire flight.

Fees Associated with Traveling with Pets

Southwest Airlines charges a pet fare for each one-way trip. The current pet fare is $95 per pet carrier. It’s important to note that this fee is in addition to the standard ticket fare.

Exceptions and Considerations for Larger Pets

While the weight limit for pets on Southwest is 20 pounds, exceptions may be made for larger pets. However, larger pets must meet certain requirements, including being able to fit comfortably in an approved carrier and remaining under the seat in front of the passenger throughout the flight.

Tips for Traveling with Pets on Southwest

  • Book your pet’s reservation in advance to ensure availability.
  • Arrive at the airport early to allow sufficient time for check-in and security screening.
  • Keep your pet comfortable by familiarizing them with the carrier before the trip.
  • Pack essential items for your pet, such as food, water, and toys.
  • Consider your pet’s comfort when choosing the flight time, avoiding extreme temperatures and long layovers.

Importance of Adhering to Airline Pet Policies

Adhering to Southwest Airlines’ pet policies is crucial for a hassle-free travel experience. By following these guidelines, you can ensure the safety and well-being of your pet while traveling.

Ensuring Pet Comfort and Safety During Travel

During the flight, it’s essential to monitor your pet’s comfort and well-being. Keep them hydrated and comfortable by providing water and familiar items, such as blankets or toys. Additionally, avoid feeding your pet right before the flight to prevent motion sickness.

Southwest’s Commitment to Pet-Friendly Travel

Southwest Airlines is committed to providing a pet-friendly travel experience for passengers and their furry companions. By offering reasonable pet fares and accommodating pet policies, Southwest aims to make travel enjoyable for both pets and their owners.


In conclusion, the weight limit for a pet on Southwest Airlines is 20 pounds, including the carrier. By understanding and adhering to Southwest’s pet policies, you can ensure a safe and comfortable travel experience for your furry friend.

Unique FAQs

  1. Can I bring more than one pet on Southwest?
    • Yes, Southwest Airlines allows passengers to travel with up to six pets in the cabin, subject to availability and applicable pet fees.
  2. Are there any breed restrictions for pets traveling on Southwest?
    • Southwest Airlines does not impose breed restrictions for pets traveling in the cabin. However, certain breeds may be subject to additional requirements or considerations.
  3. Can I purchase a pet carrier at the airport if I forget to bring one?
    • While Southwest Airlines does not sell pet carriers at the airport, you may be able to find suitable carriers at airport shops or kiosks. It’s advisable to bring your pet carrier to ensure proper fit and comfort.
  4. What if my pet exceeds the weight limit for Southwest Airlines?
    • If your pet exceeds the weight limit of 20 pounds, you may need to make alternative travel arrangements. Consider consulting with Southwest Airlines for options or accommodations for larger pets.
  5. Is there a limit to the number of pets allowed on each flight?
    • Southwest Airlines limits the number of pets allowed on each flight to ensure the comfort and safety of all passengers. It’s recommended to book your pet’s reservation early to secure their spot on the flight.