What is Missed Call Solution and its benefits for SMBs

Businesses want to reach their targeted audience directly at a minimal cost and seek simplicity in their communication. Marketing campaigns are always looking for ways to reach a wider audience than before, provide personalized communication, integrate with existing systems, and extract insights from data.

Missed calls are an easy way for businesses to communicate directly with customers, collect customer information without involving the customers in extra costs, and generate genuine leads.

You can easily integrate missed call campaigns with existing systems, such as IVR, email, or SMS. Afterwards, you can send an SMS as a response to a missed call or combine SMS with an IVR system for feedback, registration, product information, market research, and sharing customized content.

Smart businesses today depend heavily on their ability to communicate consistently and efficiently. With missed call alerts, you can reach your customers for free. Using the Online Cloud Based Missed Call Application from Knowlarity, you can generate leads, cast votes (for your favorite celebrity), verify your mobile number, or ask for a callback.

Top 4 features of Missed Call Services: –

1. Time Optimization: –

There are a variety of situations in which businesses can utilize missed call services. You can use our missed call service if you don’t want your potential customer to fill up a lengthy form. Your customer can call a specific number instead of completing a lengthy form. They will then be contacted by an agent who can assist them.

Your customers would save a lot of time since they would not have to struggle to contact your representatives. You can attract a large number of customers by connecting with your leads easily and without wasting their time and money.

2. Verification of Data: –

It is possible that you will encounter many fraudulent calls if you run your business online. For protection, you can use missed call verification, which allows you to verify the data of every customer that approaches your business.

Furthermore, if your company provides products, foods, or clothing materials through cash on delivery, you can utilize this feature to verify your customers. Moreover, Knowlarity has integrated IVR in its missed-call verification software, which uses its intelligent algorithms for accurate customer verification.

3. Flexibility: –

Missed call services can be beneficial to both customers and business owners. Customers will be able to contact agents easily, and businesses will never miss a lead. As a result, both parties will be satisfied. It is also possible to reach people living in remote locations or who are not tech savvy by giving them a missed call.

With Knowlarity’s missed call solutions, you’ll also be able to take advantage of a variety of features. You can also utilize missed call services with CRM software in various ways, like following up on missed calls since all the missed calls will be stored in the database.

4. Analyze Results

With a comprehensive dashboard and a robust missed call solution, you can analyze the progress of your campaign. In addition, A/B testing can be used to determine which methods are most effective. Automatic reporting gives you real-time insights into your campaign, so you can make changes as you go.

Missed call services are now being used by both small and large businesses as an alternative to conventional opinion polling and survey data collection. Non-profit organizations use missed call services to raise awareness about social issues, natural disasters, and epidemics. With this service, people can contact each other for a cause by giving missed calls to a particular number.

In addition to creating quality leads, you can conduct market research surveys, conduct opinion polls, run customer engagement campaigns, deliver on-demand information, and accelerate app downloads with the missed call marketing tool. Therefore, businesses can run missed call marketing campaigns to achieve a variety of goals. Businesses can use missed call services for a variety of commercial purposes without incurring high costs.

Businesses that partner with leading missed call service providers like Knowlarity are able to launch their missed call marketing campaigns without investing additional time, effort, and resources. Also, in order to allow businesses to use their numbers, they allow them to select from a set of telephone numbers. Missed call solutions help businesses track missed call campaigns by providing analysis reports and instant SMS notifications.

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