What is Meaningful Entrepreneurship

What is Meaningful Entrepreneurship?

According to the fat Van Dale, the definition of meaning is: importance, value:  a matter of (some) significance. Meaningful entrepreneurship is therefore entrepreneurship based on value. Where traditional companies focus on their own value or that of the shareholders, meaningful business is about value for society. Keeps Clomp describes it beautifully in his book Handbook Meaningful Entrepreneurship : It is finding the balance between prosperity, well-being and personal well-being.

Where traditional companies have an impact on their own company and their customers, meaningful companies have an impact on the market, society and/or the world. It is important to mention that profit is very important for meaningful entrepreneurs, which often leads to confusion. The difference is in what you do with that profit. Meaningful entrepreneurs use their profits to generate more positive impact for society.

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Meaningful entrepreneurship as an SME

It’s nice to hear that meaningful entrepreneurship, but isn’t it just for hip start-ups I hear you think? No is our full conviction. We believe that SMEs in particular are needed to create a world with only meaningful brands. That is what we need as a society! We call these companies the heroes. They have the drive to make a positive impact. But how do you do that? We give four examples of meaningful brands:

1. GO sensate – ICT without hassle

If we ask you: What do you think is bullsh!t in your market right now? Then you undoubtedly have some answers for us. That’s how it started for GOsensit . They consider service contracts in their market to be outdated. There are companies that pay in case ICT stops working and that has to change! With ICT without hassle, they deliver ICT that always works. By proactively monitoring, the problems are solved before they even appear. Companies thus pay for the fact that ICT works, not for ICT not working.

With this they want to set an example for their market. With this they want and have an impact on their market. They provide enormous significance in making the ICT market more customer-oriented. When GOsensit is successful with this, it will even have an effect on society. Because a more customer-oriented ICT market leads to more customer focus in many organisations. And that affects everyone.

More about GO Sen sit .

2. Bicycle couriers Apeldoorn – Fewer cars in the city center

Started as an independent entrepreneur and has since grown into a small SME. Peter van Fietskoeriers Apeldoorn has the ambition to keep cars out of the city center by delivering parcels and mail by bicycle. This reduces emissions and nuisance from cars and encourages people to exercise more. If that isn’t meaning, we don’t know what is.

More about bicycle couriers Apeldoorn

3. Retool – Prevention is better than recycling

Just like Fietskoeriers Apeldoorn, Richard van Retool started as an independent entrepreneur. All this with the idea that we should not just fight plastic waste in the ocean by removing it. More importantly, we prevent it from getting in! By offering a sustainable bottle line, reusable lunch items and reusable bags, he prevents single-use plastics and thus helps society to have a cleaner living environment.

More about Retulp

4. Bureau Design & Environment – ​​Adaptive Netherlands

Burro Design and Environment is committed to an adaptive Netherlands. When designing living environments, they take every form of adaptation into account, so that they give meaning to space every day. This has a huge effect on nature and people. More about Burro Design & Environment

How do you start meaningful business?

But how do you start meaningful business? It is essential to first discover what you want to achieve with your brand. We assume 7 steps:

  1. Discover what meaning you have or want to have on the environment, the country or the world. This is the core of your brand.
  2. Convert the meaning into a vision and mission that offer a perspective for action.
  3. Determine the brand personality and know the core values ​​and brand language.
  4. Determine the positioning of your brand so that you address the customer in the right way.
  5. Let the house style match the identity and positioning.
  6. Ensure that all brand carriers (communication tools, signing and website) have the same brand story and image.
  7. Make a plan to load your brand so you can start making an impact and really make a difference.

These 7 steps ensure a good foundation of your brand with which you can be meaningful. Curious about what your ideal brand looks like? We offer a free Ideal Brand Session . Together we will look at what the ideal brand is, where you are now and what you need to achieve this.

December 27, 2022

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