What is an E-library really all about?

What is an E-library?

This is a collection of online information, carefully organized according to tittles and subjects, consisting of images, text, audios, and videos. An electronic library enables ease of research for assignments, thesis or project as it contains information that is relevant for this purpose.

E-libraries can be accessed from our offices, schools and homes, it is infact not limited by geographical boundaries. It can be accessed through the internet, it is very interactive and requires little technicality.

Everything on the e-library system is based on soft copy and some of these contents can be saved as PDF files on our devices in order to enable offline viewership. E-libraries are very neat and stress- less systems as it helps one to decongest their living space, since it does not require the use of hardcopy


Electronic dictionaries and encyclopedia : this is a number of short listings , arranged alphabetically which helps to explain the meaning of words in the simples manner while encyclopedias are books containing information on many subjects or a particular one with different information about it . Encyclopedias are usually arranged in alphabetical order.

 E-journals: these are intellectual magazines or piece of work written and put together by scholars.

Office publications: these include government documents that are realized for public viewing and also other company document that are made available to the public.

Online newspapers: just like in print. E-libraries usually compile newspapers for reading and research.

Referencing resources: these are many articles, dictionaries, books and so on that are available online

Multimedia materials: these are data that contains images, audios, videos and so on.

E-books: these are text books or books in general that written, based on topics or subjects, e.g geography, chemistry and so on.

E-rules: like the traditional library, there are rules which uses should obey.

Author: Ejiro Ighodaye


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