The Top 5 Web Development Technologies and Frameworks of 2022

How web development company have changed in the last 10 years? How will they change in the next 5 years? In this article, we’ll be taking a look at what we think are going to be the top web development technologies and frameworks in 2022. But before we get into that, let’s take a look at what the top technologies and frameworks were in 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015…

1) Service Workers

The web is undergoing a fundamental shift from webpages (HTML files) to apps (native app-like experiences on mobile devices), fueled in large part by Mobile-First Indexing. Because of these major shifts, it’s important for SEO experts to understand how service workers can help with SEO—and why performance is key. Service workers improve load time and reduce latency. As with any change, however, there are also new problems to tackle.

2) Progressive Web Apps

The newest, hottest thing in web development is a topic that’s sure to be on everyone’s minds over the next few years: Progressive Web Apps. Basically, PWAs are websites that take advantage of emerging technologies to deliver app-like experiences and push users towards mobile apps. We should see them exploding onto mobile in 2018, but by 2022 they could be pretty much ubiquitous. If you aren’t already working with them for your own site, you should start!

3) Function-as-a-Service

FaaS is a model in which a web service provider stores code online and executes it remotely. This approach to development enables developers to focus more on application functionality, rather than infrastructure. As such, FaaS has quickly become one of today’s most popular backend options—especially for companies looking to develop mobile applications. A number of notable FaaS providers include Amazon Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Microsoft Azure Functions, IBM OpenWhisk, and Oracle Fn Project.

4) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is changing how we live. In just one example, a team at Stanford has trained an AI to identify with nearly 100% accuracy whether someone will die within five years. That technology is being tested to help doctors predict when they should start planning end-of-life care for patients—but it could also be applied elsewhere. Researchers are even trying to teach AI how to love. We’re not sure what exactly that would look like, but we’re looking forward to finding out…

5) Serverless Architecture

There will be a huge demand for serverless computing in website development company over the next few years. The term serverless can actually mean quite a few things, but generally speaking it means that developers don’t have to worry about maintaining servers or paying for idle time, because their code runs on a third-party platform like AWS Lambda.