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War History

War History (7)

  • European History/World War I

    An introduction to the World War 1


    This list is an overview of the most popular reasons that are cited as the root causes of World War 1.

  • The Cold War (1945–1989)

    By CVCE
    A brief history about The Cold War (1945–1989)

  • A Brief History of the U.S. Army in World War II

    A Brief History of the U.S. Army in World War II highlights the major ground force campaigns during the six years of the war, offers suggestions for further reading, and provides Americans an opportunity to learn about the Army’s role in World War II.


    By CHRIS BISHOP The Complete Encyclopedia of Weapons of World War II makes a very important contribution to the subject - perhaps even a vital one - for it describes every major weapon and vehicle employed during the full period of the conflict, on land, sea and in the air, in enormous detail, both in textual and in graphic form. It also provides detailed specifications about the 'core' weapon or system and all its major variants. Thus it allows straightforward comparisons to be made accurately and effectively.

  • The Second World War

    By KREŠIMIR ERDELJA The focus of this collection of historical sources has been chosen through geographically defined parameters and is limited to the region of South-East Europe.

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