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Unravelling the Testing Protocols For Body Armor: Read Before Buying

Soldiers are in a tizzy as to what body armor to buy for themselves for wars and battlefields. There are quite a few choices in the market. You can now buy level 3 plates online from a legit source. As a soldier, you are only focused on saving the nation from all kinds of antisocial elements, but choosing the right body armor is important. 

A little bit of guidance goes a long way. In this article, we will unravel the testing protocols for body armor. Read this elaborate guide before purchasing body armor because even good decisions take time to come up. 

Three Things to Consider When Buying Body Armor 

First, you have to figure out what the body armor should do for you. What is the threat level? Once you have figured this out, you need to think about the weight of the body armor. As a soldier, you do not want to carry extra weight as it restricts movement. When you need to run or handle heavy weapons, lightweight body armor is useful. 

Soldiers have to be agile on the battlefield. Anything that slows them down is not a good fit. However, there are times when you need double protection, so the armor would be heavy. It depends on the threat level, so choose a body armor accordingly. 

The third thing you have to check is the cost. This depends on how much you intend to spend on the armor. 

If you ask us, the threat level is supposed to be a complex attribute, and you should understand the levels before purchasing the plates or anything that safeguards you from bullets, bombs, and other weapons. 

As you move forward, you will get to know the different threat levels. Based on the level, you need to choose your body armor. 


There are certain testing protocols that you need to be aware of before buying body armor. We have mentioned the different levels here. 

#1 Level II

Level II body armor is soft. It is made of fibrous materials such as Twaron, Kevlar, and Dyneema. This kind of armor protects you from a 9x19mm FMJ that comes at 1175 ft per second. It’s comfortable to wear and not very heavy too. 

Spaced hits are bearable, but you need heavier gear for greater threats. 

#2 Level IIIA 

Level IIIA is called speed plates for a reason. It can stop a .44 Magnum Jacketed hollow point which travels at 1400 ft per second. It’s soft body armor, but the plates are rigid. It’s a light solution for those who can sacrifice a bit of coverage. 

#3 Level III 

It’s a rifle plate and is also known as a hard insert. These are designed to stop a hit of 7.62x51MM NATO. The Level III plates cover you from the majority of the threats at a moderate cost and weight. It’s an attractive choice for soldiers. 

#4 Level IV 

Level IV plate is a rifle plate. It can stop a hit of 7.62MM AP black tip. Please note that just because it has a higher ranking does not mean it is superior to Level III. 

Understanding What Your Enemies are Equipped With 

The enemy nation might be carrying all sorts of deadly weapons. Are you prepared to give them a tough fight when they attack your nation? 

While it’s good to be prepared with weapons, you must prepare your uniform too. Wear a high-cut helmet, protective plates, and other body armor to protect yourself and fight till the end of the war. 

Concluding Thoughts 

The above-mentioned levels are the testing protocols. You will find these different levels of body armor in the market and even online stores. 

Please ensure you are buying these from a legit supplier. Military plates are very different and are built for protecting you from bullets and other threats. 

Depending on the threat level, choose your body armor. Battlefields are dangerous. One hit can take your life. Although soldiers are trained to be selfless, they are also the pride of the nation and must secure their body parts from bullets and other threats. 
The purpose is to defeat the enemy, safeguard the nation, and return home safely. Once you have proper body armor, you will be safe from all kinds of threats. So, check the threat level and then purchase the body armor.