One and Only Rental Sports Car Dubai

Unleash the Thrill with One and Only Rental Sport Cars Dubai

Dubai is a luxurious city that best represents wealth and opulence; this makes it the ideal place to encounter the thrill of driving high-performance sports cars. One and Only Rental Sports Car Dubai has a limited edition selection of sports cars that are guaranteed to make you experience a new level on your next road trip. Our luxury sports car collection offers an unparalleled level of excitement for those who want to drive around some of the city’s most famous spots or along its scenic routes.

Why Choose One and Only Car Rental?

1. Distinctive Variety of Sport Cars

One and Only Car Rental prides itself in stocking an exclusive range of sport cars, which include latest models from top manufacturers including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, among others. Each car in our fleet undergoes regular maintenance for ultimate reliability and performance assurance. Whether one is looking for raw power as displayed by the Lamborghini Aventador or the pinpoint accuracy as seen in Porsche 911 series, there is something suitable for every speed-seeking fashion conscious person.

2. Free Toll Taxes

Therefore, we have tolls without the costs for everyone who drives in Dubai, as part of making it easier and more pleasurable to drive here. This means that you can travel along the city’s extensive road network without stopping at toll booth or worrying about extra charges. Our devotion to offer an unproblematic experience lets you focus only on driving a state-of-the-art sports car with adrenaline.

3. Free Fuel on Your Trip

Recognizing that renting a sports car is more than just providing transportation, One and Only Car Rental offers free fuel on each rental agreement. For this reason, you can maximize your time on the road by exploring breathtaking landscapes and world famous attractions in Dubai without any refueling needed. So enjoy open roads because you can go anywhere knowing you will not pay for your fuel.

Better Services for Our Customers

One and Only Car Rental believes that customer satisfaction is a vital element for customers’ memorable experiences during rentals. As such, our dedicated staff assures smoothness and enjoyment in every step of the hiring process. From the moment you book your vehicle to the time you return it, we are here to assist with any queries or special requests, ensuring your experience exceeds your expectations.

Booking Conveniently and Flexibly

Renting a sports car from One and Only Car Rental is undeniably simple and easy. On our user-friendly website, you can access a vast repository of cars where preferences are made in minutes. We have flexible leasing solutions that will match your busy program as well as personal circumstances while in Dubai for business, leisure or other reasons.


For those seeking the ultimate driving experience, One and Only Car Rental is the premier choice for renting sports cars in Dubai. Our extensive fleet provides you with all that you need to travel on toll free roads without paying any tax as well as to have fuel during your journey at no cost. Find out more about what we offer by visiting One and Only Rental Sport Cars Dubai where booking of your dream car can be done today. Experience the thrill of Dubai like never before – with One and Only Car Rental, where luxury meets performance.