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Types Of Shelf Brackets that All Retailers Need

Shelves are one of the most important display equipment in every retail store; they increase the store’s utility and improve the overall look. But if there is something even more important than shelves, then it is the shelf brackets that provide support to hold the shelf in place. These are made of various materials like metal, plastic, or wood, and the design and purposes of these brackets can differ, too, as well as their shelf bracket’s price. Let us see the different types of shelf brackets available that might be useful in retail stores.

Angle Shelf Bracket

This is the most basic style and is also called the ‘L’ bracket because of its appearance, i.e., a single long piece bent at a right angle, the longer part of which is screwed into the wall, and the shorter piece is placed at the top of the bracket. The shelf can then be placed on the protruding part of the bracket. These are the most common types of shelf brackets as they are simple, discreet, and suitable for light to medium shelving loads. You can browse the shelf brackets’ price and get them at the best rates possible. 

Heavy-Duty Shelf Brackets

Heavy Duty shelf brackets may fit your needs if you are looking for something that can hold heavier objects. These brackets are similar to angle brackets as they retain the ‘L’ shape and are installed the same way, but they are much stronger and are made of thicker, sturdier material, allowing them to carry more weight. They are also much more versatile than angle brackets. 

Heavy-Duty Reinforced Shelf Brackets

If you need to put some really heavy object on a shelf that you know will not collapse, then this one might be the right option for you. Heavy-duty reinforced shelf brackets are also ‘L’ shaped and have multiple installations, but they differ in their support structure as they have a strut running between the two halves of the L. This adds an extra layer of support to the top of the bracket and allows them to carry a significant amount of weight. 

Prism Shelf Brackets

If you are looking for something more interesting than the basic designs, prism shelf brackets are your answer. These offer a more unique look with their eye-catching triangular shape that adds some visual flair without sacrificing the structural integrity of your shelving unit. They are a perfect way to add a modern touch to your store decor. 

Lip Shelf Brackets

These shelf brackets have a twist on the angle bracket and feature two angles, one at either end of the actual shelf support, rather than having a straightforward ‘L’ shape. Thus, it basically functions as an angle bracket but with a lip at the end of the shelf support, which offers two main features: holding the shelf in place more securely and adding a rustic design element to the shelf. 

Floating Shelf Brackets

These are called floating shelf brackets due to the optical illusion they cause, making the shelf look like it is floating by the wall with no supports, as they are invisible once the rack is in place. 

Such brackets consist of a long, flat piece of metal with two or more elements protruding from it. The protruding bars can be circular or flat. The long piece is screwed into the wall, and the shelf is fitted over the pieces that stick out. 

Heavy-Duty Hidden Shelf Brackets

The sturdiness and weight capacity of heavy-duty hidden shelf brackets are commendable, along with the clean look that it gives, which is similar to floating shelf brackets. These brackets have a much larger mounting plate than a floating shelf bracket. You can mound these on a stud and increase the shelf strength without compromising on the appeal of the shelves. They can also be used alongside other bracket styles to reinforce them. 

Hook Shelf Brackets

These brackets look like a lopsided letter U and are much like a lip bracket but with an extra angle added. Unlike angle brackets, both angles in this type are bent away from the shelf support in the same direction. When you mount the bracket with the shelf support at the bottom, it gives it a lip that prevents it from sliding off. This makes your shelf look like it is hanging on a hook. 

Pipe Shelf Brackets

If you are looking for an industrial aesthetic, then pipe shelf brackets will be perfect for you. They consist of a straight bar that sticks out of the wall, looking like a piece of piping. You can place your shelf atop the pipes, and you are good to go. 

Bottom Line

The functionality of the shelf is not the only thing you should look out for, as its style and appeal also play an important role, especially in retail stores. Hence, understanding the types of shelf brackets can help you choose the right one for you that will meet your requirements.