Throughout the years, BPO firms have devised elaborative call center pre-employment testing means. It helps in evaluating the diverse skill sets of the candidates to help assess fitment for call center operations. They are all set to employ wide range of assessment tools, called call center assessments. 

  • A call center assessment test consists of the candidates’ evaluation of the aptitude, communication and also voice and accent skills.
  • Here, candidates will be tested out for their cognitive and technical skills and also focusing on behavioral and interpersonal skills and attributes among others.
  • The main goal over here is to ascertain the ability to help perform tasks at expected levels of proficiency.

The main goal of contact center assessment is to identify the experts, who are able to deliver premium level of customer service and helps in creating the favorable impression of the said firm. Most of the time, the candidates get invited to the offices for taking such assessments, but remotely conducted assessments are always preferred because of their ease, reduced logistics hassles and convenience for both the candidates and companies.

Focusing on the interpersonal skills:

There are different types of examples available when you are dealing with call center assessment test online. Among the lot, the interpersonal skill is one that you might have to address big time. 

  • You might have experienced conversation with sales executive, which will leave an indelible mark on you behind. It might have been the ability to bear the person’s voice no matter how frustrated he is and then get connected on a personal level to understand social preferences and dislikes.
  • These invaluable behavioral and the social skills will help individuals to give rise to a smoother conversation and get the maximum possible value from every interaction of the customers. These skills are known as interpersonal skills.

Focusing on the experts with top-notch interpersonal skills is what BPO companies are looking for to help improve the communication and end up with the best response of all time.

The tests you need to address:

If you are running a call center and aiming for the best team of experts for help, then there are certain tests you need to address for assessments. Making sure of the best result is always the best clue you can ask for. So, let’s start with the options now.

Standard job based tests:

These standard tests are specifically designed for jobs like:

  • Call center management
  • Call center operator
  • Customer service representative
  • Client service analyst
  • Help desk specialist
  • IT system support analyst
  • Desktop support specialist

Standard subject centric tests:

These are some other versions of tests, designed for:

  • MS office simulations
  • Typing and data entry skills
  • Inbound call center simulation skills
  • Customer service skills

These forms of tests can be customized rather quickly to cover any length and combination of the subjects as well, as mentioned by the call center.

Customized tests from more than 800 modular subjects:

Thanks to some of the experienced team members, you are able to generate multi-subject test within seconds. You can do that by hand picking the favorite topics and questions from multiple subjects of your choice or the ones matching your call center business. Some of those topics are:

  • Attention to detail
  • Multitasking simulation
  • Email etiquette
  • Computer proficiency
  • Internet speed test

The idea behind simulations:

Thanks to the simulation tests, the call center employers are able to determine if the chosen candidates can cover their job by asking to complete some realistic simulations down the road. The test assessment centers can further create some custom simulations, whenever asked for. Some of the standard simulations are:

  • Chat
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Multitasking

Situational judgment tests:

Also known as SJT, now you get the chance to assess the job fit level of the candidates for a position and determine whether they are going to succeed in areas using the value of corporate culture. For that, the candidates should be well-trained to use remote leadership, customer service, sales, and change management SJTs.

Uploading your own content:

Make sure to take some time to create top notch level call center skill assessment tests, by using your own content and questions. You can take help of the assessment experts to help customize the plan as and whenever asked for it.

Get the best help whenever asked for:

Thanks to the call assessment tests, now the employers of the call centers are able to know everything that the aspiring candidate can work with and also to see if he is the perfect fit for your firm. These tests will help you to come across the best name in town because the competition is tough for sure. Choosing anyone can be difficult, but not with the assessment tests by your side.