How to rise above rejection.

True life story from an exceptional graduate.

After I graduated from university and had not gotten a job several months after, I took the advice of peers and sent out an application to an auspicious blog I admired since I ‘had everything it took’.  Let me tell you, I wanted the job more than anything else. I mean, I would be understudying with a personal favorite and finally have an audience.

You know the best part? I ‘knew’ I was qualified. I majored in English Literature finishing with a ‘trophy case worthy’ GPA and prior to that, I’d been getting tips from mother, she was a news anchor.

Confidently, I submitted my application (well ahead of the deadline of course) and began the long wait for what I was sure was inevitable and on an unsuspecting Friday morning, an email arrived. Feeling gratified, I opened it, “While your application was commendable, we decided to move forward with other candidates.”

I was instantly deflated. How was this happening? I checked every box they were looking for-and more! Where did things go wrong then?

Never one to leave well enough alone, I pulled out my detective kit, blew the dust off and got to work. If with my flawless application, I did not get the job, then, who did?

Coming to find out, the blog had put up three of their latest posts. Obviously from the newest members of their team, none of which were any better than I could have done. You’d think knowing the facts would’ve made me feel a tinge of relief. Instead, I became all the more frustrated.

Sure, I could relish the fact that my rejection was not a blow to skill. But the fact that there was nothing I could’ve done was what ground my gears. Despite my glowing application, nothing I would’ve done would make a difference.

On that day and in that instant that seemed to last forever, I learned an invaluable lesson -you could miss out on opportunities you’re deserving of despite a laudable reputation.

When it comes to careers, that’s not something people speak of often. There’s a permeative message that if you play your role, and then some, eventually, you’ll strike gold. Alas, that is not always the case.

A lot of factors come into play but, no one likes to admit that sometimes, the most potent of them is fortune. Only a yokelish arousal coerces us back to reality, there’s only so much of our own achievements we can control.

Being in the right place, at the right time is all it takes to make that difference.

So, where does that leave you, still on square zero, right? WRONG!    When you know you’re deserving of something and you miss out on it-go ahead give yourself a pat on the back, you just earned yourself a new star on your shoulder. But don’t get ahead of yourself and think that’s all. Let it be a stepping stone to your next awesome application. You may never, ever get what you want but, if there’s anything experience has taught me-in time, you’ll get something even better.

The last phrase says “You’ll get something better”, not you’ll receive something better, so don’t sit and wait for it to come. Try exploring a skill, applying for another Job, whatever it is. Go and “Get It”! 

May 16, 2021

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