Trip to Umrah with Kids: Key Umrah Tips for a Smooth Journey

Trip to Umrah with Kids: Key Umrah Tips for a Smooth Journey

Travelling with an all inclusive Umrah package can be challenging sometimes considering the specific needs of children. If you are intending for the holy rituals soon with your family, you need to prepare your kids mentally, physically and spiritually for the trip beforehand. So that a safe, healthy, enjoyable and hassle-free pilgrimage experience can be guaranteed.

In addition, travelling with kids becomes difficult at times because of the tantrums and demands they have. Considering the spiritual and religious aspects of the Umrah pilgrimage, it can be doubly challenging for you.

However, there’s no need to worry because here are some of the key Umrah tips that you can use for a smooth journey to Umrah with kids.

Get hotels near Haramain:

Planning an Umrah with kids requires thoughtful consideration, especially for the type of hotel accommodation you are getting. Prefer staying in top hotels near the Haramain in Makkah as well as Madinah even if it means paying a little more than expected.

Not only it would offer you convenience and ease of access but also minimize the extra travel costs that come with staying in hotels that are farther away from Haram.

Acknowledge that Umrah with children may involve less ibadah. Therefore, staying in hotels near the Haram also provides opportunities for rest and play after prayers because you don’t have to travel a lot. All in all, creating exciting memories for children.

Select the right time and duration of the trip:

Choosing the right time for Umrah is essential keeping in view the individual needs of your family members, especially children.

  • First of all, you must plan your Umrah trip at the right time which means planning at a time when your kids have sufficient school holidays.
  • Secondly, travel to Umrah with either a 7-day package or a 14-day package. This is because longer stay periods can cause difficulties as the children get bored easily.

Plan adequately:

For a smooth pilgrimage journey, careful planning and communication with children hold significant importance. It helps in avoiding unnecessary tantrums as well as keeps the children interested in the holy rituals.


Fun and entertainment are equally important for children. Therefore, take your children to do fun activities after Umrah rituals such as;

  • Visits to local malls.
  • Exploring various museums.
  • Going for Ziyarath of Holy sites, etc.

In addition, it’s also a plus if your hotel has a dedicated play arena for children where they can go and enjoy themselves.

Health and Safety:

Ensuring the safety and health of children must be your priority. Therefore, not only you should travel with travel insurance but also get the necessary vaccination shots specified for your region of travel.

  • Upon your arrival in the region, know of the nearby medical facilities and pharmacies.
  • Practice good oral and physical hygiene.
  • Get sufficient rest.
  • Know the local police stations and law enforcement agencies and educate your children about them.

Additional tips:

  • An essential travel accessory is travelling with an on-seat carry-on that provides space for toys, snacks, and clothes.
  • Keep your children entertained on the plane with small toys, an iPad, and/or a bag consisting of their favourite snacks.
  • Young children under 7 do not need to wear ihram.
  • It’s advisable to travel to Madinah first and rest before coming to Makkah for the holy rituals.
  • Parents can carry children on their shoulders or wear baby carrier belts because strollers are not allowed within the premises of Masjid-al-Haram and Masjid-al-Nabawi.
  • Leaving infants at day care centres in your hotel is a viable option. However, ensure the safety and credibility of the day care centre first and then leave your baby alone.
  • Stock up on your kids’ food and toys from local supermarkets before your arrival in the kingdom to avoid any tantrums later.
  • Engage your children in the mosque with small Quran books, and using scooters during Tawaf.
  • Teach your children to not take anything for drinking or eating from any stranger.

So, that’s how you can have an efficient Umrah travel with children. For any specific arrangements that you want to make, you can consult your Umrah travel agency and let them take the hassle.