Top Reasons Why WordPress Emerged Right Platform For SEO

Being a scalable website development tool, WordPress has gained a wide momentum these days in the website development verticals. Stepped into the digital world as a blogging platform, it witnessed a growing number of users – a higher percentage of the website uses WordPress. The list of websites includes some popular names like eBayIZODNew York Times and lots more.

WordPress users are expected to be aware of its certain attributes like user-friendly, free-to-use and lots more, aside from offering add-ons that help you in optimizing your blog or website considering your comprehensive needs. Whether you are a regular user of WordPress, used in the past or just started to use it, here you will discover what makes WordPress a powerful platform for search engine optimization (SEO).

Website optimization With a Single Click

Developing a website involves lots of complications especially for beginners who just stepped into this horizon. Earlier searching for a complex content management system that could easily handle all of the tasks that WordPress offers was highly expensive and also need a reliable hand to start with.

But, for now, the scenario is completely different as WordPress possesses lots of characteristics – first it is available to be downloaded absolutely free. Besides, you don’t need to get technical expertise to install as you can do it with using 5-minute Installation method. In order to start with, you need to first fill out the WP-Config file, then you can upload the files to accomplish the process and now you are ready to try out, even without getting involved into core PHP files.

Open Source Customization

Open source comes as another crucial factor and is a reason why WordPress emerged as a powerful platform for website development. Using it, any developer can effortlessly create a plug-in of theme and then contribute it to those of WordPress community. When it comes to SEO standards, you will get numbers of themes to choose from, while getting choice of both free and paid. Sites designed with WordPress get tremendous abilities to perform SEO function. It enables you to update your website easily and then stay on the top of the SERPs.

Manage SEO Without Any hustle 

WordPress has an edge over its competitors when it comes to managing SEO, especially on-page SEO.  Though SEO is a complex practice consisting numerous important factors, WordPress installation lets you manage SEO basics even if you don’t have a sound knowledge in this arena.


As soon as you install WordPress, the heading towards setting tabs lets you discover a section called ‘Permalinks.’ In this section, you can also find the setting for default permalink that displays URLs on the basis of some numbers and certain odd characters. Here, you will also be able to find lots of other options and you need to ensure your URL structure is going to be optimized perfectly with an ability to customize your words when editing a page or any blog post.

Headings and Title Tags

So, you are ready with your content and seeking to make it live? Well, the thing that you need to do is to head over to the section called ‘add post’ and here you will be able to publish your content and make it live for readers. In order to publish, you need to first add the title of your post, which is generally coded in the form of H1 or H2 based on the theme you use. You can easily edit it even without doing anything with the line of code.

Optimized Content

Next, you will be able to find an actual content area where you will find the Visual Rich Text editor that lets you underline, bold, hyperlink to external or internal website pages, add certain additional heading tags, upload pictures, etc. You will be able to add content that will be crawled by search engine spiders.

Mobile Optimization

With rising number of Smartphone users, businesses nowadays have shifted their strategies to target these users extensively. On the other hand, Google already instructed that websites not optimized with tablets or smartphones, there is a growing possibility that the website would lose higher placements for mobile searches.

WordPress, websites use premium and paid themes from different marketplaces and users were certainly not scared mainly because the premium theme marketplace has been in fact cranking out themes that have already built-in responsive abilities for years.

Versatile Plug-In and Themes

Those of seasoned developers who wish to focus on SEO skills, often in search to develop something easy. WordPress comes with versatile and plug-in that helps developers in customizing your website accordingly and also there is a theme or plug-in already for any feature that you desire for.

Theme Optimization For Any Website

We have already discussed certain basic themes that come with certain pre-installed versions with WordPress and those are perfect if you seek to have certain optimized blog content out on the website. But, what if you seek to build more? Well, WordPress often gives you the flexibility to build any type of site and you will be able to find a perfect theme that fully transforms your installation and lets you build it.

Website Speed

WordPress facilitates developers to easily and quickly load the standard themes through a basic installation for any type of website. Users, on the other hand, can also slow the speed of website depending on the types of content they add or also what kind of theme they choose to add. However, they can spot a plethora of plug-ins such as Autoptimize and WP Super Cache, in order to make your website zooming along.

Final Words: –

WordPress has gained a wider space among website developers for letting them develop a full-fledged website effortlessly. It has also popular among SEO professionals for letting them do on-page optimization easily. WordPress comes as a suitable choice for all types of website.

March 4, 2022

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