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Top Content Monetisation Strategies for Publishers in 2022

The digital revolution has benefitted online publishers in many ways: the easy and speedy delivery of content, the ability to reach out to readers beyond geographical borders, adopting content monetization for publishers, boosting readership and revenue, and building an online community of loyal readers. The impact of digital technologies has compelled media organizations to embrace new ways of working—from as basic as upgrading administrative software to expanding their business to include digital, including launching a website, increasing social media strategies, enabling online customer care service, etc.

Going digital has really helped publishers to reap maximum profits. They can now explore different content monetization platforms to cash in on their digital content. The requirement to take up content monetization strategies is attributable to content acquisition and distribution costs.

So, what are the latest approaches to content monetization for publishers? This article looks at different trending strategies that you can consider as a digital publisher.


1) Add Paywalls to your website

A paywall is a type of plug-in that blocks complete or partial access to your online content. Any reader who wants to access the restricted content has to subscribe to your publication. Paywalls are an effective way to ensure content monetization for publishers. However, the catch here is to provide some free content, and when the reader scrolls down to read more, ask them to subscribe. You can even give sample articles for free and add a paywall to the rest of the website, enticing readers to subscribe to access more of your content. A few publication houses add paywalls to specific sections of the website.

If you do not want to add a paywall to your website, you can capitalize on content monetization platforms such as Retrieve. To access your valuable content, your readers have to pay a small fee. So while you publish informational articles on your website and give the public free access, you can offer additional valuable content on Retrieve and let your readers subscribe to access it.

2) Affiliate Links

Affiliate linking can turn out to be a powerful content monetization strategy if you know how to persuade your readers into visiting the link or making a purchase. Several ecommerce sites, such as Amazon, have affiliate programs that offer referral profits for driving traffic via the unique link to their website. This approach doesn’t require much effort.

Affiliate links, in a way, allow publishers to promote a product by not being too loud or open about it. It allows you to seamlessly add a connection between your content yet augment monetization opportunities. Although you must let your readers know what links you make an affiliate commission on to maintain integrity and credibility as a publisher.

3) Offer Free Content

Offering free content, which is valuable and of high quality, is a spectacular investment option to content monetization for publishers. It might be quite an unorthodox method for what this article is about, but it works in the long run.

Free content gives the readers a taste of your content and helps in community building, readership, and acquiring their trust. When the readers know your website has good quality content, they are ready to pay for any exclusive content you are offering. So it’s a good idea to start by giving something for free and then charge for more if the reader wants to read your exclusive content.

4) Consider ecommerce as a content monetization option

There are various products and services you can sell via your website. Suppose you’re a financial publication house. You can turn your valuable content into an e-book and help your readers who want an in-depth analysis of the current year’s economy and things to look forward to. This way, the e-book becomes a product. By adding ecommerce services to your website, you open up additional options for content monetization.

To sum up

There are many ways a publisher can earn via their websites. You can make money directly by adopting different monetization strategies or via third-party methods such as content monetization platforms. Retrieve is an example of spectacular content monetization for publishers using third-party portals. Retrieve lets you earn via your content by asking your readers to subscribe or pay a small amount to access exclusive content.

Retrieve doesn’t only allow for content monetization, but can also help you with community building, enabling one-on-one communication with readers in the form of text, audio, and video, adding a paywall to messaging, and a lot more.

Get in touch with Retrieve today and start monetizing your content.