Hardwood Flooring for New Custom Home

Top 5 Species of Hardwood Flooring for Your New Custom Home

In the world of bespoke homes, the significance of flooring is frequently overlooked! Yes, the architectural finishes and touches indeed levitate the home’s overall aesthetic. But if the floor matches with the theme/ design, it exudes an unmatched beauty and timeless elegance!

This is the reason why custom home builders in Kelowna prefer a handful of hardwood types that they find ideal for flooring. It’s because these selected wood types have the required character, features, and hardness that can make them last for years to come!

Let’s take a deep dive and get into some more details!

Why Choose Hardwood Over Other Materials?

That’s a legit question that might be popping up in your minds right now! But wait, we have an explanation for it.

In terms of wood flooring, you get three options to choose from- hardwood, engineered wood, and laminate flooring. Of these three, solid hardwood tends to be one of the most popular flooring materials, preferred by homeowners across the world!

Here are some reasons for this-

1. Durability

Solid hardwood is one of the strongest wood species with an unmatched durability. If maintained properly, it can last for a lifetime!

2. Hassle-free Maintenance

Maintaining solid hardwood flooring requires the least elbow grease! Daily sweeping, damp mopping, weekly vacuuming, and refinishing every 7- 10 years is enough to keep the sanctity of the flooring.

Did you know? The species of hardwood plays a significant role in determining the durability, longevity and aesthetics of the flooring!

5 Most-Sought Hardwood Flooring Species for Your Custom Home

Now let’s move on and look at the 5 hardwood species that Kelowna luxury home builders usually prefer or suggest for your custom home –

1. Oak

Oak is one of the most popular and preferred hardwood species for commercial as well as domestic flooring purposes. It comes in two variants- Red Oak (Janka rating- 1290) and White Oak (Janka rating- 1360) and both of them excel in durability, color, and grain patterns.

What’s most interesting is that oak flooring, be it the red variant or the white variant, offers a timeless and classic look! It can go with every kind of interior decor and theme unless you’re going with a contemporary styling.

2. Hickory

Hickory is also known as one of the hardest domestic wood species, standing at a whopping 1820 on the Janka hardness scale. Its ultra durability and strength make it a perfect addition for high-traffic areas, and also for those who have pets at their place.

It comes with a varied grain pattern, which helps reduce the visibility of scratches on the surface. However, its rustic appearance is for the ones who prefer a mix of traditional and contemporary styling, or a classic-themed interior decor!

3. Maple

You may see or hear custom home builders suggesting maple flooring for your place. It comes in two variants- hard and soft maple. Needless to say, the initial variant is a popular flooring option, with a Janka rating of 1450.

The USP of maple hardwood lies in its light color and clear grain pattern. Its exceptional hardness makes the material resistant to minor scratches and dents, thereby making it a great option for high-traffic areas. However, maple is also a material that is more vulnerable to show signs of wear and tear in the long run due to the lighter hue. Placing carpets strategically will help you to avoid such issues effectively.

4. Brazilian Walnut (Ipe)

Standing at 3680 by Janka rating, Brazilian Walnut (Ipe) is one of the toughest and most durable hardwood species available! Its superior hardness translates to enhanced resistance to scratches and dents, and minimal damage from impacts like dragging furniture, pet claws, dropping of heavy objects, etc.

It comes in an array of rich brownish colors which adds to the charm of the flooring! However, it’s a rare kind of species and therefore comes at a much higher price point. Moreover, it requires occasional oiling to retain its rich shade.

5. Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba)

“Exotic” is something that Kelowna contractors excel in delivering through their custom home constructions. And for such a place, only an exotic hardwood species would match the interior decor! Brazilian Cherry (also widely known as Jatoba) is one of the exotic hardwoods, with an exceptional Janka rating of 2350.

Although not as hard as its white cousin (Brazilian Walnut), Jatoba still stands as a great flooring option, with exceptional durability and resistance to foot traffic. Moreover, it is available in a range of vibrant hues that uplift the overall aesthetics of your place!

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Wrapping It Up

If you’ve decided to build a home of your dreams, why not add exotic hardwood elements to uplift its exclusivity? Choose from any of the above-mentioned hardwood species, and enjoy an aesthetically pleasant and durable flooring that can add value to your property!