Top 5 Mindset Coaches in US

Coaching is all about working with and helping people. A coach helps them move from strength to strength. And who is a mindset coach? A mindset coach is a professional who helps in mapping out strategic ways to change or adopt new ideas, beliefs and thoughts to promote a healthier, positive and more productive outlook on life.

A mindset coach tries to uncover the beliefs, limiting thoughts, blocks, behaviours, habits and patterns that limit an individual or a team in creating the life or progress or business they desire. The mindset coach uses a range of tactics and techniques to banish these limiting blocks and create or replace with ones that help people serve their purpose. Overall, a mindset coach in usa guides individuals toward a positive, empowered mindset that supports personal growth, success, and well-being in various aspects of life.

Mindset coaches challenge the way we think, help us identify the unhelpful thoughts and bring us closer to a more optimistic outlook. Top 5 Mindset coaches in US are:


  1. Jude Dholah

Jude Dholah boasts a remarkable track record of delivering explosive results for his clients, blending powerful coaching techniques with extensive business expertise and top-tier mindset coaching. He is a PGI certified mindset coach and has several years of experience in helping clients reach 3X-5X in business. Jude believes in the power of sub-conscious mind and leads mindset transformation of his clients.


  1. Danny Morel

Danny Morel is a highly acclaimed business strategist and entrepreneur. In 2016, following the death of his mother, he went on a deep healing journey before emerging with a renewed understanding that our lives are a reflection of our innermost thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Danny offers several different coaching programs and events to help others understand that having a positive mindset leads to a life of abundance and opportunities.


  1. Michael Neill

Michael Neill is an internationally renowned transformative coach, teacher, broadcaster, TEDx speaker, and best-selling author of six books, including The Inside-Out Revolution and Creating The Impossible. He has been coaching for over 25 years and advises celebrities, CEOs, and even royalty.


  1. Rob Dile

Rob Dile heads up a mindset coaching program notable for its focus on self-growth and personal development. Rob’s work has been featured in Forbes, Inc., and Men’s Journal and he is the host of the #1 mindset podcast in the world, The Mindset Mentor Podcast, which has been downloaded over 250 million times. Rob’s also an author and his first book ‘Level Up’ is out now.


  1. Derick Grant

Grant was a basketball player for the renowned Harlem Globetrotters. After leaving basketball, Grant became a successful entrepreneur, author, TEDx speaker and podcaster. Through his coaching program, he emphasizes the significance of having a resilient mental outlook and strong self-belief to achieve your true potential.


Usually, a feeling of there is got to be more in life for me prompts people to approach a mindset coach. A mindset coach starts by setting meaningful goals, providing strategies and support while fostering resilience, teaching coping mechanisms and mindful techniques, power of self-reflection and mindset transformation to being adaptable and making a balance for a harmonious and fulfilling life. Mindset coaching is an investment for the life you desire and want to create.


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