Top 5 Attendance Apps For Kids

The Attendance app for kids is a tool that can make life a little easier for parents and teachers. It’s easy to use and helps track the progress of students, which can make it easier to schedule classes and keep up with homework. You can download the app from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a powerful attendance app that provides comprehensive and actionable insights about the productivity of your team. It can be configured to your specifications and offers a variety of features and reports that can be customized for each project.

The administrative dashboard allows administrators to view and analyze time spent by employees. This includes data on employee productivity, breaks, and work schedules. These reports are useful in helping teams identify areas for improvement.

In addition to providing a comprehensive report, Time Doctor also sends notifications to warn users when their work is being slowed down. These notifications can be received through a pop-up or via email.

Time Doctor’s work schedule feature helps managers keep an eye on their team’s productivity. This feature displays how much time employees spend in meetings, on calls, or in front of their computers.

Another useful Time Doctor feature is its automatic time and attendance tracking. When an employee is out of the office, Time Doctor will detect and notify the user. Depending on the user’s settings, this may include sending them an invitation via email.

Another valuable feature is Time Doctor’s screenshot functionality. With this feature, a screen shot can be taken at pre-determined intervals. Although it will subtract time from the employee’s account, the screenshot can be turned on and off as needed.

Time Doctor integrates with more than 60 third-party applications and payroll tools. Additionally, it can export attendance data to payroll software and absence management systems for accurate payroll.


Jibble is a cloud-based time tracking solution for businesses. It helps employees clock in and out easily and efficiently. You can also use this app to track billable hours for different activities. Moreover, you can export your time data to payroll applications.

Jibble is ideal for companies that have remote workers or office based employees. It allows you to create custom leave policies. Also, you can assign specific tasks to certain team members.

Jibble is easy to setup and use. It comes with an extensive knowledge base and online help desk. Moreover, it is GDPR compliant. Lastly, the service is free. Nevertheless, there are a few limitations. Some of these include restrictions on employee access.

Jibble is compatible with a wide range of devices, including mobile phones and desktops. Additionally, it can be integrated with other popular communication tools. Among the features offered by Jibble are a dashboard, activity tracking, and timesheets.

The service is free for unlimited users. However, there are also premium plans. These plans are based on the number of activities and locations you want to monitor. Depending on the plan, you can choose between the Basic, Ultimate, or Enterprise.

Jibble uses facial recognition and GPS to make the process easier. Additionally, it provides a free 14 day trial period for each power plan. Users can set up their own personal PIN passcode to punch in.


Connecteam is a software application that helps companies manage their workforce. This solution is scalable and flexible enough to meet the needs of any size company.

Connecteam is based in New York City and has been used by more than 100,000 organizations worldwide. Among its features are timesheets, shift scheduling, task management, and employee performance monitoring. These features are integrated into a single, easy-to-use system.

Connecteam is available on desktop and mobile. It has GPS tracking capabilities, making it easier to track work hours. It also includes an integrated timesheet and payroll. Moreover, you can customize your app notifications.

Connecteam is suitable for businesses that want to streamline their operations and improve employee communication. The application also offers an easy way to track time off, allowing managers to approve or deny absences. In addition, employers can monitor breaks and track overtime.

Connecteam is free for small businesses with up to 10 employees. There is also a paid plan, which begins at $47 a month for up to 50 employees. If you pay yearly, you can get an 18% discount.

Connecteam also offers training courses and a suggestion box. Customers can contact the company’s customer service team via email or through YouTube videos. A free 14-day trial is offered to users who sign up for a monthly plan.

The app is designed for desktop and mobile. You can also create a custom mobile app.


If you are looking for an app to help you track your employee attendance, you should consider factoTime. This app is a one-stop solution for small and medium businesses. It helps you record the details of your employees, such as their name, salary, and location. You can also set up shifts.

As a time tracker, factoTime provides you with daily and monthly reports. The app can also calculate the employee’s salary based on his or her attendance. Additionally, the app can also be configured to automatically compute the total working hours for payroll.

Its interface is easy to navigate. The application is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. In addition, it offers three pricing tiers. The free version can be used for up to five employees. However, the paid plans are available for up to 200 users.

FactoTime is a simple and secure app for tracking your staff’s attendance. It uses three-factor authentication to prevent buddy punching. Moreover, it also includes geo-location, which can help you pinpoint your employee’s location.

Although it is a free application, you can opt for a premium package if you want to unlock more features. To learn more, please call the customer service line.

factoTime also provides you with a yearly holiday list. Moreover, it can record your employees’ payment history.

Another great feature of this app is the ability to adjust for vacation days. For example, you can configure factoTime to automatically calculate the attendance based on the number of shifts.


If you want to keep tabs on students’ attendance, you can’t go wrong with a Shoutem Attendance App. It acts as a sophisticated attendance control tool, making it convenient for both students and teachers. In addition, it can help parents get involved in their kids’ extracurricular activities.

The best part is that creating an app is not a complicated task. With the right software, you can design your own mobile app in just a few minutes. Not only does Shoutem let you create and publish mobile apps for Android and iOS, but they also offer great pricing plans. You can even take advantage of a white label program.

For a yearly fee of $59 for an Android app, or $99 for an iOS app, you can create and publish an app to both platforms. The best part is that Shoutem has an app-making wizard to help you build a mobile app without any coding.

The Shoutem app maker has an impressive library of templates. It boasts over 40 different screen types. This list includes the classics, as well as more unique features. These include maps, social media, videos, and more.

Shoutem also offers a content management system, an integrated calendar, and several other essentials. Aside from providing all the tools you need to create an app, it will also ensure your apps are bug-free before you publish them.


Calamari Attendance App is a simple tool that is suited to both small and medium-sized businesses. It provides users with a number of functions that make it easy to manage employee attendance. These include clock-in/clock-out services, leave management, and payroll.

Among the features of the app are a live interactive wall chart and an absence calendar. The absence calendar integrates with Jira and Google Apps, and provides employees with an easy way to track their time. This software is free for all employees and offers a 14-day trial.

Calamari is designed for tech startups and larger enterprises. It is an online solution that automates the process of PTO calculation and tracking. Moreover, the platform supports multiple languages and integrates with a number of tools.

Calamari also allows companies to improve their people management processes. For example, it streamlines the hiring process by incorporating a robust and scalable HR platform. All of the data is stored in a centralized database. Moreover, the tool can be accessed from any device.

Aside from the app, Calamari also offers an online version of the platform. With this solution, employees can request for absences in a convenient and secure manner. Moreover, the system is able to send notifications to managers in real-time.

Several companies use the application, including call centers, healthcare, education, and events. Calamari is also a great alternative for fast-track hiring.