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Tips To Choose The Right Play Gym For Your Baby

Having a baby comes with a thousand commitments. Apart from the baby’s health, there is a lot of information available about all the stuff related to infants, from their food to the types and safety of their toys. One such thing is baby play gyms. Baby play gyms are extremely useful in keeping the babies engrossed while you see over other things. However, not all baby gyms are the same. So here is a guide for buying the perfect play gym for your baby. Know these things before ordering a skip hop playmat or other activity gyms. 

What Are The Options Available?

Puzzle Baby Mats

These mats can be the perfect foundation for babies who are just learning to explore and are taking their first baby steps. A puzzle mat can be set up on any flat surface where the baby can enjoy many hours of safe play. These mats are generally extra thick, which creates a soft place for infants to play. Also, the textured pieces provide early sensory interaction, and the pop-up puzzle shapes encourage grow-with-me play.

Activity Gyms

Activity gyms or play gyms are simply playmats that provide an engaging and stimulating environment for infants. They have unique features like a prop pillow, a mirror, small repositionable toys that encourage grabbing and batting, and large ring attachments that allow the toys to be attached to the stroller and car seats. 

Tummy Time Mats

Tummy time is important for your little one’s development. Hence, tummy time mats include a padded bolster pillow to provide excellent support, some plush play pals, and a large mirror to encourage reaching, lifting, and grabbing that helps strengthen the baby’s arms, neck, and tummy muscles. Since babies can sometimes have difficulty warming up to the idea of tummy time, these mats have specific aspects that help encourage tummy time play.

What Should You Look For?

Size And Structure

Your baby will soon get taller. Hence, you should ensure that you pick one that is just a little larger to enable the baby to use it for a long time. When buying a sophisticated baby gym, consider the gym’s height and ensure it is light enough. The design of the play gym should be such that your baby is placed flat on the floor. So you can go for free-standing structures with cushioned flat mats, which are versatile and allow your baby to start moving freely or play tummy time under it. This will prevent the baby from falling or suffocating.

Detachable Toys

As the days go by, your baby will be eager to grasp, swipe or bat at the hanging toys in the activity gym. Thus, you should be able to adjust the aim to keep things exciting and developmentally appropriate for the infant. Being able to adjust the number of toys in the play gym is an important feature as it makes it easier for your baby to concentrate and improve their fine motor skills. It also allows them to change and offers them different toys, so they do not get bored.

Not Overly Complex

Most of your child’s play will involve only looking and wriggling in the first few weeks. Choosing high-contrast color objects in the first months is ideal since babies are born color-blind and nearsighted. Most baby gyms are full of objects with bright colors and produce loud sounds. Hence, it is best to go for a simple and easy play gym as your baby does not need all these things in the first months. You can order a skip hop playmat or an activity gym with a plain and simple playmat that would be enough to keep your baby focused on one activity at a time.

Non-toxic Material

Babies often tend to put everything in their mouths as they want to discover everything within their tiny hands. Therefore, ensure that all material of the baby gym is non-toxic and in line with the certification. 

Easy To Clean

Since the activity gym will always be within your baby’s reach, you need to ensure that the whole gym is easy to clean.

Sustainable Toys And Multiple Use

Look for something that can last longer and be transformed. Baby gyms made of wood would be good options as they have better resistance and are sturdy, which helps your baby to focus on one activity at a time. These can also be used and transformed into busy boards or bookshelves.