The Welcoming or Homepage of Site

Physical appearance has always been our basis on liking something or looking at something again. In the cyber world, a homepage is what most internet users look at or what serves as their basis in going back or visiting a certain site or page again.

This page serves as the welcoming page on every site, thus this is where the creator needs to focus more in doing the site or the page. This page is where all the website or webpage creators spend most of their time during the creation of a site or a page buy facebook page post likes.

The page requires a good and inviting design with complete information about the page and an attractive appearance so most creators give it more attention
Here, the viewers of the page decide on whether they’ll visit the site again or not. The design of the page, the colors used, and everything in it are what triggers the decision of the viewers. Since as of today, persons of all ages are now using internet for various purposes; to get entertained, communicate, promote businesses, and for other purposes of a particular user, index page of websites are now given more importance than the main content of the site.