Magnetometers used in Geology

The Utility of Magnetometers in Geology

Magnetic fields play an important part in various fields. Their intensity and area affect various activities in our day-to-day lives. From finding iron deposits to detecting submerged objects, Magnetometers are essential in numerous fields.

What are Magnetometers?

Magnetometers are an essential device in the field of Geology. We are all aware of the fact that the earth comprises certain elements that make it a giant magnet. Magnetic fields are present in almost every part of the earth. However, their intensity may differ. Magnetometers used in Geology help in measuring and assessing the area and strength of this field. There are two types of magnetometers viz, Vector and scalar magnetometers.

Magnetometers were first made in the year 1832 by a German scientist called Carl Friedrich Gauss. However, we have come a long way from primitive designs and limited uses. We now use magnetometers to find sunken ships and submarines from the vast and deep ocean. We can find huge iron and other metal deposits from the depths of the earth. 

From small devices to huge machines, magnetometers now come in various sizes and are used for a wide range of geological purposes. Since geological findings are important for various fields, too, magnetometers are of vital importance there as well.

What are the uses of Magnetometers?

Magnetometers are usually used in geological surveys or expeditions to assess the magnetic field and strength of a certain area. It is only after these surveys that companies set up plants or miners plan mining expeditions.

From something as huge and crucial as space expeditions to something small like mobile phones, magnetometers are of the utmost importance in various fields of application. Hence, we can say that magnetometers are a crucial part of our lives as well as for the progress of mankind. 

There are many ways that magnetometers are used. Here are some fields that use magnetometers:

  • Mining exploration: 

Magnetometers are used to analyze the sites and locate the obstructions that may cause harm during the mining process. They also help in locating the metal and iron deposits to find the exact sites where they can be found. With the proper readings, miners can make sure that they dig in the right spot that is accessible from sight and safe as well. 

  • Military application:

Monitoring submarine activity has become possible for armies worldwide due to efficient underwater magnetic exploration. They help to monitor and identify any suspicious movement or activity and hence prevent potential attacks on submarines and on port areas through the sea. Magnetometers are also used for locating submerged shipwrecks or submarines that may have sunk due to certain malfunctions or issues. This is very useful since if the ships are found earlier, there is a chance of saving some of the survivors of the wreck.

  • Space expeditions:

In space, measuring the magnetic field and direction is a vital task for survival and preventing the aircraft from being pulled into the field of a certain body. Magnetometers in spacecraft are installed so that the direction and strength of a magnetic field can be assessed, and the direction of the spacecraft can be changed accordingly. 

  • Mobile phones:

You may have seen the Compass application on your smartphone. Have you wondered how your device is able to tell the accurate direction? This is due to the miniaturized microelectromechanical systems or MEMS magnetometers, which are small in size but are very accurate. They detect the magnetic field and can hence show you the right direction. 

  • Oil expeditions:

Magnetic surveys give explorers additional information regarding the locations where drilling can or cannot take place in. They are also used to detect whether there are any underlying geological issues on or near the site that may cause harm. Oil expeditions go too deep into the earth and hence have to be checked and rechecked for safety hazards. Magnetometers help a lot in that. 


Magnetometers used in Geology have extremely vital roles to play in various fields of application. One can say that many lives and equipment worth millions can be kept safe with the help of magnetometers. Moreover, objects that are submerged for years can also be found with these devices. 

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