The targeted protein degradation market is projected to grow at an annualized rate of more than 30% till 2030

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Key Market Insights

  • More than 85 small molecule protein degraders are currently being evaluated for the treatment of various disease indications; in addition, there are 25+ technology platforms available for use in therapy development efforts
  • The pipeline features a variety of candidate drugs that target a wide range of disease-causing / associated proteins; majority of the existing drug candidates are designed for administration via non-invasive routes
  • Although start-ups and mid-sized firms are spearheading the innovation, several big pharmaceutical companies are also engaged in this domain
  • Close to 5,500 patients were estimated to have been enrolled in clinical trials worldwide, evaluating a number of relevant pre-marketing end points across various phases of development
  • A number of prominent scientists from renowned universities have emerged as key opinion leaders, owing to their active involvement in clinical development efforts
  • Published scientific literature indicates that both industry and academic players have made equal contributions to the innovation in this field; the major focus of such studies is presently on PROTACs
  • Foreseeing a lucrative future, several private and public investors have invested over USD 3.5 billion across close to 100 instances of funding since 2014
  • The increasing interest in this field is also reflected in recent partnership activity; most of these deals are focused on novel technology platforms, involving the active participation of both international and indigenous companies
  • Short term opportunity in this market is likely to be driven by licensing activity, depending on the capability of novel technologies to meet protein degrader design and development needs
  • As multiple mid-late stage drug candidates are approved for marketing, the long term opportunity is likely to be distributed across different types of protein degraders, target therapeutic areas and various global regions

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