The Power of Teamwork.

I once had a reading team during my university days, we were 5 friends with different favorite courses. We were all very good at our different courses and will always score highest in our respective courses. Whenever we would meet to read, we will have each person teach us a topic from their respective course for an hour before going on to our personal reading. We made a timetable and made sure everyone had a day to teach his respective course. The first thing we noticed was that our grades in other courses had improved compared to our previous grades before the formation of our reading team.

Secondly, we noticed that our public speaking skills had improved. This was evident because we found ourselves boldly answering questions in class irrespective of how large the class was compared to our reading team. Our best guess was that the frequent communication within ourselves had given us the confidence to communicate what we knew to the larger class whenever a question was asked, and we all had at least a B+ when we had to defend a particular assignment that required individuals to stand and educate the class on our different assignment topics.

Another positive difference we noticed was that it made reading a lot easier. We would collect topics that we found very difficult in our respective courses and we handled those topics during our reading sessions. This exercise made the topics easier for us when we attempted to further read them personally. It saved time and made reading fun.

Our interpersonal relationship skills had improved greatly too. Frequently speaking within ourselves grew our confidence levels and gave us the needed self-esteem to approach others and speak to them without feeling threatened or anxious. We made sure everyone had ample time to speak and be listened to, so it became a part of us over time and this was a healthy exercise. Too bad we refused to accept other members to our reading team, but we gave them hints on how to create their various reading teams and it was greatly appreciated.

“Teamwork makes the Dreamwork” Anonymous. The importance of teamwork cannot be over-emphasized. It puts together a collection of complementary skills which is very important for individual and business growth. Secondly, it increases the efficiency of delivery, when tasks are being split, it makes it easier for specialization and timely delivery. Specialization increases the level of ones’ expertise and over time, leading to quality delivery of tasks.

MSN, BBC; You probably won’t understand these acronyms if you are not a passionate lover and follower of football. Notwithstanding, these acronyms are very prevalent during “El-Classicos”; The football showdown between Barcelona and Real Madrid, Arguably the greatest football derby ever. While MSN was an attacking trio/team made up of Messi, Suarez, and Neymar, BBC was an attacking trio/team made up of Bale, Benzema, and Christiano Ronaldo. These attacking trio ruled the world of Spanish football for years even up to the point where a penalty kick was passed from Messi to Suarez. This is unusual in the world of football, but it goes a long way to show the bond and success made by these teams. Their presence made El-Classico matches more captivating and interesting. I guess the transfer of members of both the BBC and MSN has greatly contributed to the less exciting and spectacular football played by both teams in recent times.

Finally, teamwork creates a healthy connection and a harmonious working environment which is necessary for ensuring a high level of output in any task. Finding it difficult in finishing up any existing task? Building a team and watch the efficiency of delivery.


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