The Power of Self Confidence

The Power of Self Confidence

We took our seats, looking into the eyes of our three Biochemistry lecturers with utter terror during our Biochemistry Viva. One of our lecturers had spoken highly of the exam. Saying, “After your Biochemistry Viva, some of you might consider changing department from Veterinary Medicine to other departments”. Finally, the long-awaited Viva was here. It would be Ebere that would answer the first question. Dr. Parker turned to the plastic bottle of Mirinda he had just finished drinking and asked, “What kind of sugar is present in this Mirinda?” With his teeth quivering, Ebere mumbled, “Su-ssu-cr-cr” “Sucrose!” Dr. Parker added affirmatively. “You are correct.” You needed to see the joy on Ebere’s face. However, as he was not confident whilst answering the question, Dr. Parker added, “I’ll only give you half the full mark!”

The confidence with which former president Barrack Obama gave his speech during his presidential campaign in 2008 convinced even his opponents that he was the right man to become President of the United States of America. Smart people are mostly remembered for their confident delivery methods.

Through a fortunate coincidence, I met Mr. Samuel Ukandu. Founder of DAGE Academy – a public speaking school and the convener of National Orators Convention 2018. We met at a photography studio. While I tried introducing myself to him, he nodded and said I remember you. You were the last speaker that spoke confidently during the breakout session where people from the audience were given opportunities to give 1minute speeches. “What did you speak about again?” He asked. At that point, I was surprised that he could not remember what I had spoken about, but he could remember the manner with which I did. Oftentimes the major differentiating factor between a smart person and a “dumb” person may be in the manner with which they speak.

There are 3 major contributing factors to self-confidence. 1 Preparation! 2. Preparation!! 3. Preparation!!! Boxing legend Muhammed Ali said he would train for 6 days a week. Part of his training included running for 4-6 miles a day. Ex-President Barack Obama talked about putting weeks of preparation into his 2008 speech which was a product of other speeches he had given before the highlight of his career. It is safe to say that he has been preparing for that speech all through his life.

Preparation is mostly viewed from the mental aspect. A person who is mentally prepared for a presidential dinner would be denied access if he should appear unruly. Preparation is total – which is physical, mental, psychological, medical, and any otherwise. A radio presenter would spend hours preparing his voice before broadcasting time. But a Tv presenter would spend time preparing his dressing, facial expressions, voice, grooming. Which is more than the preparation a radio presenter would require.

Self-belief and preparation are the elements of self-confidence. while preparation says “I must show up ready”. Self-belief says “I deserve the best”, “I will be the victorious”, “I will be successful at any given task”. self-belief dispels any form of doubt from whatever source.

Consider the King of the Jungle – the Lion, who is neither the tallest nor the fastest, nor the biggest animal in the Jungle – yet is the King! And he is the symbol of confidence; when he roars, his voice is heard miles away chasing away other animals!

Come prepared, and believe in yourself. Besides, If you do not believe in yourself, who will?

May 16, 2021

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