The NuCanoe Unlimited for Fishing, Hunting & More: Fear No Water

It’s like the big names in the kayak fishing industry are consistently pushing the boundaries of what they can do with kayak design, propulsion technology, and storage each year.

One of the best names in the business is NuCanoe, and the NuCanoe Unlimited is among the best of these. Here’s what it offers and why it’s optimized for fishing, tournaments, hunting, and more.

Space for Any Sport
The NuCanoe Unlimited features a hull that’s fast and stable, and plenty of space in the cockpit and around the deck for everything you need to take on every sport.

The kayak itself is stable enough for big water, yet sleek enough to take narrow cuts and creeks. It has plenty of room for tackle, rods, decoys, camping gear, and more.

It’s unlimited when it comes to “rigability.” It gives you the ability; the rest is on you.

Propulsion, Unlimited
No matter how you choose to chew up the waves, the NuCanoe Unlimited is your ally.

Rig it with NuCanoe’s Pivot Drive to maximize deck space and get the most from pedal power. This system bypasses the deck-pass through design to put power at the transom.

It maximizes distance, deck space, gives you the ability to hold a position, turn on a dime, and retracts at the pull of a cord.

The NuCanoe Unlimited is also ready to rig with real power. Rig this NuCanoe with an EPS and a trolling motor, or even with a Honda outboard, for superior power and control.

The Unlimited is also configured with wiring access plates that enable easy rigging for any of these different options.

Whether you prefer pedal, paddle, or actual power, the Unlimited is just that – unlimited.

The NuCanoe Unlimited is also geared for comfort, with a 360 Fusion Seat that delivers all day comfort.

This is the only kayak seat that offers true 360-degree mobility and the fabric and frame are fused (ergo the name) which delivers consistent tension, with no sagging.

The base is rock-solid and assembly could not be easier, too.

The Unlimited is also designed to keep you dry. No one likes sitting in pooling water, and the Unlimited is configured with a “Tarpon Drainage System” consisting of channels laid into the deck that help keep users from getting wet.

GearPod Compatible
In addition to the fact that the NuCanoe Unlimited offers plenty of deck space to store all your essentials, plus gear tracks to mount additional kayak fishing accessories, it’s also GearPod compatible.

The NuCanoe GearPod is a modular storage solution that is also fully removable, giving you the ability to preserve deck space (or utilize it) as needed.

This system nestles right into the bow, offers capacious dry storage, and can even be configured with rod holders.

Free Parts for Life
Last but not least, when you get a NuCanoe, Unlimited or otherwise, it comes with free parts for life, so you can buy with confidence.

Where to Get a NuCanoe Unlimited
Convinced the NuCanoe Unlimited is for you? Whether you fish, hunt, or kayak camp, it’s an excellent option and is capable of taking on any water.

Whether you want to learn more about it or pull the trigger, check out No Bad Days Kayak.

Even if you’re not sure, get in touch with their customer service team at 512-229-0560 and they’ll answer any questions you have.

They’ll also make personalized recommendations. Tell them exactly what you’re looking for in a fishing kayak and they’ll line up your best options in terms of features, capacity, propulsion, comfort, and more.

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