The Learn for life Nigeria™ E-Skill Centre… What is it really all about? 

The E-skills center is the core of our online learning solution. It provides the platform for individuals ranging from students, job seekers, workers, executives, etc to build both professional and domestic skill set and acquire relevant certifications from our wide range of rich-in-content courses and training modules available. The e-skill center adopts latest technology infrastructure available online to deliver these courses from seasoned professionals from all around the globe. 

Join us as we explore the features of this brilliant innovation 


  • Short and Concise Video Tutorials:   Learn for life Nigeria™ discovered that a major constraint to online learning is limited data availability. As a first step to tackling this problem, the e-skill center provides short and concise video tutorials for training.   We have tailored our videos/tutorials to be simple, short and straight to the point without compromising the quality and content of the training as regards the course outline. We want participants to be able to learn on a budget. This is why we have carefully selected seasoned trainers from across the globe that Have well-structured and meaningful brief videos with a time frame ranging from 3-8 minutes per video. 
  • Additional Learning Resources: Each course ends with advanced learning materials which are made available in our resource library, in order to keep you updated and ensure better understanding as well as expand the borders of your learning and research on the subject matter. 


  • Hands-on Project: To further ensure that the learners make the most of their courses, we minimize the conventional theory-based evaluation. Our team has set put up a more practical and hands-on evaluation system, where participants will be given real projects for which they will be evaluated and certified upon completion. 
  • SelfPaced: This is one feature both conventional e-learning and e-skills center have in common. You have the sole option of learning at your own time and convenience and space. You choose your learning schedule and learn without pressure. However, each course has a limited time before expiration, after which you will need to renew the course membership to continue. 
  • Discussion Forums: This is an open platform where participants can meet, share ideas, ask questions and get professional answers. 
  • Certification: Upon completion of the evaluation process, participants will be awarded a free e-copy of the certificate from Learn for Life parent company, CEED Solutions ltd. To order a hard copy kindly contact 
  • Free Web Business Page: To further encourage and promote brands and businesses of our trainees, a free webpage will be given to students who successfully complete our certification process. This is very useful to businesses and brands as it will enable a 24hr access to customers and other audiences. The benefits of having a webpage are numerous but overall it is a win-win as it will help build better relationship with your audiences. 

To begin your journey towards professionalism, visit the e-skill center now, Click here.

Author: Ejiro Ighodaye
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