Building Permit Process

The Building Permit Process in Santa Clara

So you’re thinking of doing some building or construction work at your Santa Clara property. Before you break out the tools and materials, there’s one important thing you’ll need to take care of first – getting that building permits approved. We know, dealing with permits and paperwork is about as fun as a root canal. But don’t stress; we’re here to guide you through the building permit process and make it as painless as possible.

Basically, this post will give you a rundown of everything that’s usually involved when applying for a building permit in Santa Clara. We’ll cover who you need to contact at the city, which forms you need to fill out, any fees you can expect to pay, and an estimate of how long the whole approval process may take. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be confident and ready to submit your application. So let’s jump in and get the ball rolling!

Who to Contact

The initial step when seeking a building permit in the city of Santa Clara is to determine the appropriate department to contact. Building permits are issued by the Building Division of the Department of Planning and Development. You may reach them by telephone at (408) 615-2440 to inquire about permit requirements and procedures. Alternatively, you could also communicate via e-mail by sending a message to or The knowledgeable staff members of the Building Division will be able to advise you on the next steps for obtaining any necessary construction permits in accordance with local regulations.

What Forms are Required?

Once you’ve determined that you need to apply for a building permit, you’ll need to gather the necessary forms and documentation. The specific forms required will depend on the type of project you’re planning, but some of the most common forms include:

  1. Building Permit Application: This is the main form you’ll need to complete in order to apply for a building permit. It includes information about the project, the property, and the contractor.
  2. Site Plan: This is a drawing that shows the location of the proposed construction on the property. It should include the property lines, the location of any existing structures, and the location of the proposed construction.
  3. Floor Plans: These are drawings that show the layout of the proposed construction, including the location of walls, doors, windows, and other features.
  4. Structural Calculations: If your project involves structural changes, you’ll need to provide calculations that demonstrate that the proposed construction will meet the requirements of the building code.


The cost of getting a building permit in Santa Clara depends on what kind of project you’re doing and how big it is. The city has a fee schedule on their website that shows you the standard prices for common additions like adding a room or putting up a new deck. Most of the fees go by how much the whole project is worth to build. For homes, the minimum charge is $141. For businesses and commercial places, the minimum is double that at $282. We highly advise checking the schedule prior to commencing work to determine the necessary budget for permitting.

Building Permit Process Timelines

Getting a building permit in Santa Clara isn’t always a quick and simple process. The timeframe can range from 2-4 weeks on average, according to the city’s Building Division, but there are a few factors that could cause delays. For starters, the complexity of the project you’re working on makes a difference; the more extensive renovations or new construction, the more time the plan review may take. Then there’s their workload to consider; if they’re backlogged with other permit applications already, yours may take longer than usual to process.

Finally, projects needing additional approvals from other departments like the Fire Department or Public Works could end up extending the timeline even further. So be sure to submit your application with plenty of lead time to allow for potential holdups.

Tips for a Smooth Building Permit Process

Here are a few tips to help ensure a smooth permit process:

  1. Submit complete and accurate documentation: Make sure you’ve completed all the required forms and provided all the necessary documentation. Incomplete or inaccurate applications will delay the review process.
  2. Respond quickly to requests for additional information: If the Building Division needs additional information or clarification, respond right away to their requests. This will help keep the review process moving forward.
  3. Schedule inspections in advance: Once your permit is issued, you’ll need to schedule inspections at various stages of the construction process. Schedule these inspections in advance to avoid delays.
  4. Be patient: The permit process can be lengthy and frustrating at times, but it’s important to be patient and work with the Building Division to ensure that your project meets all the necessary requirements.

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Obtaining a building permit is a necessary step to take before beginning any construction project at your Santa Clara property. Although the permitting process does take some time and effort, following the guidelines we outlined and working closely with the Building Division will help things run smoothly. You can help expedite approval by contacting them early, filling out applications completely, responding promptly, and scheduling inspections in advance. Though dealing with permits is no fun, comprehending these requirements properly up front will save headaches down the road and ensure the project meets city standards.



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