Terminologies you need to know before you begin your research online

When we use libraries for our various needs we come across various terms, familiar and unfamiliar. Below are very common terms that we see when using the library.

Archives: a space occupied by old or historical books articles and other intellectual materials.

Authentication: an identity usually a name and password associated with a particular registered user that is recognized by the system and used to access contents within the library.

Author: a person or an organization who compiled a book, document or any intellectual work in print form.

Bibliography: this is a list containing citations to resources used in writing a research paper or other document.

Catalog: this a database both online and on paper containing a brief description of various intellectual contents found in the library.

Citation: a reference to a book, magazine, journal, articles and so on. All information needed to locate material from its source. It contains the author’s name, title of the book, publisher, and place of publication and date of publication.

Electronic reserve: this are carefully selected articles, books, journals, audios and videos which instructors want their students to read for a particular course.

Hyperlink: an image or a portion of text which a web user can click to be directed to another document which is usually related. This is usually highlighted in a different color than the original text.

Index: a print or electronic publication that points reference to periodicals, articles or books by their author, or other search terms.

Journals: this is a publication written by scholars which includes reports, articles, and papers.

PDF: otherwise called portable document format is a file format for capturing and sending electronic documents in the exact format as the original copy.

Serial: these are publications that are produced consistently. Journals, magazines, newspapers.

Online reference: this is a system that allows library users to ask questions through email/live chats.

Encyclopedia: this is a book containing information about many subjects

Author: Ejiro Ighodaye
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