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Terminologies you need to know before you begin your research online

When we use libraries for our various needs we come across various terms, familiar and unfamiliar. Below are very common …

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Solution to searching the web for relevant information

The web is a compendium of information, both filtered and unfiltered, authenticated and¬†unauthenticated. This means in order to find relevant …

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E-libraries are an improvement of the regular library filled with soft copies of intellectual materials. Although they are similar, e-library …

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What is an E-library really all about?

What is an E-library? This is a collection of online information, carefully organized according to tittles and subjects, consisting of …

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About Learn for life Nigeria

Learn for life Nigeria believes that e-learning is a primary need of every business and we aim at providing affordable e-learning solutions to all institutions and organisations in the country to improve learning and development.

Online Learning

We provide a platform where trainers can create their courses online, upload videos and manual or other training documents and make their courses available for students online to enroll and take these courses across the country

Resource Library

We offer an ever growing Resource Library which is a direct link directory to rich content PDF learning and Research materials, user guide and tutorials across different categories absolutely FREE to help get the most online with minimum data and time consumption.

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