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Supplementing With Ephedrine For Weight Loss Is Simple and Effective

Ephedrine is a medicine that is widely used for supporting various medical conditions, such as low blood pressure. Interestingly, it also suppresses appetite and aids in concentration. Ephedrine stimulates the brain. It increases heart rate, blood pressure, metabolism, and body heat. These beneficial physiological effects, combined with the release of feel-good chemicals in the brain, make it a highly addictive substance.

This blog post discusses some important facts about this commonly used drug.

Supplementing With Ephedrine

Supplementing with Pillole di efedrina is very simple and is considered safe when the normal dosage is followed. It is vital to first check your sensitivity to stimulants before going ahead with a full dose though. If you have a history of being hyper alert and jittery with caffeine, then most probably ephedrine will have a much stronger effect. However, if you have a normal reaction or other than that handle moderate doses of caffeine well then you can easily handle ephedrine.

Remember to start with a light dose like 10 mgs, split into three doses over the day (means 4-6 hours apart). If you feel fine, then within a few days (like 4 or 5) you can increase the dose to 20 mgs three times a day. Keep repeating this process until you feel alert, have more energy or have less of an appetite; as well as see a difference in your body through either the mirror or scale.

The maximum dose that can be taken by an individual who handles stimulants well is maximum 50 mgs three times a day. The effectiveness of ephedrine can be increased by supplementing caffeine at the same time in the range of 100-200 mgs three times a day.

The 3rd ingredient often added to this fat loss stack is aspirin (widely called as the E/C/A/ stack), which supports the fat burning process even further, but also can help trigger some of the side effects.

Supplementing Ephedrine Safely

With safety being foremost for performance or fat loss benefits, it is vital to understand who can supplement with it and how to safely use Pillole di efedrina. Any individual with a history of heart issues should avoid taking ephedrine as it will raise blood pressure abnormally, can trigger tachycardia (rapid heart rate) and heart palpitations alongside heart complications for those at risk.

Individuals sensitive to stimulants might feel nervousness, abnormal sweating, anxiety, nausea, & maybe tremors. Ephedrine is not recommended at all to individuals who are taking any kind of MAOIs, SSRIs, or NDRIs as there is a strong chance of severe negative reaction. As with all other supplements you can overdose on ephedrine when taken in very large doses.

The Sum Up

The doses mentioned above will bring on the highest fat loss potential, with any doses more than 50 mgs three times a day will only multiply the risk factors that may potentially arise. To sum up, taking Ephedrine safely increases its efficacy but overdosing can lead to serious side effects. So never try to overdose.