Movers and packers

Steps to Follow During a Move

Before you start looking for mobile transport companies or moving services on the Internet, you must have the essential data on paper: the distance between the addresses, the approximate inventory of the goods to be moved, the date on which you want to carry out the operation, etc. After you have established these things, in working with the Residential Movers in Dubai you must also consider the following:

Describe the move accurately

Every move is different, each customer may have different needs for transportation, assembly and disassembly, flexibility or time urgency, etc. Estimates from our consultants fully reflect the need to move and adapt to your needs. That is why it is important to describe the characteristics of the move in as much detail as possible to accurately assess the required commitment. Here is an example of detailing the move request:

  • Applicant name
  • Estimated packing/moving date
  • Loading address
  • Estimated delivery date
  • The download address
  • Requested services (packing, disassembly, handling, transport, unpacking, reassembly, etc.)
  • List of goods to be moved:
    1 single bed (disassembly and assembly), 90×40 cm,
    1 removable kitchen 700 cm (disassembly and assembly),
    1 3-seater sofa, 200 x 70 cm,
    1 drawer with mirror (to be packed),
    2 object boxes of 50x40x30 cm.
  • Remember to let us know if your departure or delivery address is in difficult-to-reach areas (eg pedestrian zone, historic center, stairs, ramps, etc.)

2. Organize in advance

It’s good to let us know about 10 days before the day you want to move.
Setting the date you want to move is highly recommended, except in cases of emergency. Having more time available will allow us to organize your journeys better, especially in terms of load changes, dates, and times. The more time there is, the more availability we have to vary your requests. In addition, in the case of specific needs, such as the packaging of particularly fragile goods, you will have time to travel to our premises or request the special Storage service in Dubai before the pick-up takes place on the agreed date.

3. Package your products properly

  • You know, we are all connected to the objects we have at home and it is only right to preserve them in the best way. Packing is a non-negligible component of a move, both for a mirror and an armchair.
  • It is very important to prepare a package with the most important personal items, for you to keep, in this package, in addition to some clothes, personal hygiene items, medicines, and treatments, you must also put documents, money, valuables, jewelry, bank cards, etc.
  • Packing items in intact cardboard boxes, sealed with adhesive tape, and using pluriball (bubble wrap) or blankets (blankets) to cover furniture are just a few ways to protect your personal belongings. Do you have more complex requirements? No problem, just point them out.
  • A consultant will contact you to understand your needs and give you useful advice on how to best preserve your products, like a true packaging professional.
  • If you choose to pack small items, dishes, clothes, books, etc. It is good to start a few days before the move and label them accordingly. On request, we can provide you with cardboard boxes for this purpose.


.Make sure that on the day of the move, we have access to the building, and that no revisions or repair work are scheduled. Respectively that the parking spaces and access to the building are not occupied, and that someone is available to provide information to employees regarding the nature or destination of the goods. For more information, you can contact Movers and Packers in Dubai.

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