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Steps involved in the Bee Removal Process

The sound of bees buzzing in your house can be a great cause for fear and alarm. You may have been stung by a bee before and you know how this hurt. The more you look at the bee hive, the more you’re compelled to want to remove it. Before you pull out your phone and hit “bee removal near me” on your mobile browser, it is essential to know the processes involved. The process of removing bees from your home usually follows a systematic format that ensures minimal property damage and human harm. We break it all down with this post.

How to remove a bee hive from your home

If you have spotted a bee hive in your home, you should call a local bee hive removal company. If you live in Brisbane, you can do this by looking up “bees pest control near me” on your browser. This will provide you with a list of possible companies to choose from. You can then go ahead to choose the right company.

Steps involved in the bee removal process

Bee hive removal in Brisbane follows a simple process that comes in multiple stages. These include:

Site survey

This involves thoroughly surveying the site to know the colony size, building access requirements, and materials needed to retrieve the hive. If you want a professional site survey of a bee hive in your house – simply look up “bee hive removal near me” using your phone browser. The survey process gives the pest control company the necessary information they need to successfully the bee removal process.

Access work

The access material such as scaffolding or a crane will need to be installed on the site before the work starts.

Removal of building components

Depending on the location of the bee hive, the bee experts will need to access it. Bees are intelligent insects that usually build their hive in hard-to-reach areas. To remove the hive, the servicemen might have to remove some parts of the building such as roofing systems, chimneys, and so on. This will give them easy access to the honeycomb and the bees.

Removal of the live bees

This next stage involves the removal of the honeycombs. There is a special way of removing this component to prevent other textile pests, wasps, or colonies from finding it. Be sure not to spray the honeycomb with an insecticide. Looking up “bees pest control near me” will provide you with a list of professional bee honeycomb removal companies.

Reinstall building components

As soon as the bee hive is retrieved, the building is repaired with all components reinstalled. Suitable home repair materials are used in this process to ensure durable seals to prevent any more insects in the future.

Bee-proofing your home

As soon as the bees and their hive are removed, all access zones for future infestations are blocked and sealed off. A general bee-proofing is done on your property to prevent the bees from coming back. This usually involves the fitting of cowlings on roof chimneys. Other bee-proofing procedures include blocking or filling up all void spaces.

Bee transportation

The retrieved bee hive is then transported to its new locations for a possible re-homing process. Note that they are usually transported in a sealed container that is made specially for this purpose.

The bees get a new home

The bees are then placed in their new home in special hives developed by a beekeeper. An alternative is to take them to a bee hospital. If necessary, they may have to re-queen the colony to ensure a permanent re-homing process.

Cleaning of the site

The bee removal process and the building reinstalling work can make quite a mess in your home. There will usually be a lot of debris on the site after these processes have been completed. The bee control companies do not just abandon your home. If it is a part of the contract, they will have to clean up the house.

Quality check

After a few days, the bee experts may visit your home to conduct quality checks. This is necessary to ensure that the work done is thorough and will prevent the future return of the bees. If you want this complete bee removal process, you can look up “bee exterminators near me” to find the right company for the job.