Starting As A Digital Nomad? Here’s A List Of Gadgets & Monetization Tools You Need

The workforce has evolved drastically over the past decade, from people choosing a stable 9 to 5 job to now starting their own businesses and choosing less traditional paths. People have outgrown the corporate track and are looking to bring flexibility into their lives. Perhaps the pandemic is the reason behind this shift or maybe it’s more and more social media influencers that are portraying a comfortable life with jobs that allow them to work wherever they want. Whatever the reason, it’s no surprise that digital nomads in the US INCREASED from 4.8 million in 2018 to more than 11 million in 2021. More people are adopting this ‘nomadic’ lifestyle and are looking for ways to earn income by freelancing and doing remote gigs.

Before we begin with the MONETIZATION TOOLS, let’s understand who a digital nomad is and what kind of jobs they take up to make a living.

So, who is a digital nomad?

Digital nomads make ends meet via digital platforms without having a fixed desk in an office. They work from cafes, mountains, hotels, or their own homes. They are content creators who make vlogs and blogs, teach online, create courses, take photos, or are artists who sell art online or remotely. And digital nomads can be pretty much anyone; they can come from fields like coding, journalism, teaching, etc..

Digital nomads have a heavy dependency on e-communication. Therefore, a few practical gadgets and MONETIZATION TOOLS help them in making their tasks a lot simpler. Traveling and the unavailability of a fixed desk make content creation difficult.

So if you’re thinking of turning into a digital nomad, you need to be aware of how CONTENT MONETIZATION is done and the many gadgets you need for seamless functioning.​

List Of Gadgets & Monetization Tools For Digital Nomads​

1) Lightweight Laptop with a Powerful Battery

A digital nomad can’t do much without their laptop, as most of their work is done on it. The tip here is to invest in a lightweight computer with a powerful battery. So even if you are stuck in a remote location with no electricity, you can still work. Also, the lighter the laptop, the easier it is for you to carry it around and work from anywhere.

If your job involves heavy-duty work including video and photo editing or using big files, consider a laptop with good graphics and a faster processor.

2) External Storage such as a Hard Disk

Like we just mentioned, for a digital nomad, your laptop is your life: you need it for working, editing, transferring, and storing files. However, you can’t rely solely on your laptop because it’s a machine in the end and it can stop working without any notice.

Get in the habit of storing your data on external storage like a hard disk or a thumb drive to have a backup of your work at all times.

3) Portable Wi-Fi

Suppose you’re sitting by the beach or are in a cabin in the woods with no cafe to give you free Wi-Fi, you will need to carry your own internet. In many cases, a basic mobile data plan won’t suffice for the work you’re trying to do. For digital nomads, you’ll need a minimum of 3GB of data per day or a device that you can carry to places without internet.

Invest in a portable WiFi device like a dongle to carry internet with you so that you can work wherever you are—even if that’s near mountains, lakes, or on a train. If that is a lot to invest, you can alternatively upgrade your daily mobile data plan.

4) Protective Gear for your Gadgets

The tools and electronics that are essential for a digital nomad can be pretty expensive, which is why it’s important to get protective gear for them. Protective gear can include a laptop cover, hard disk cover, cable protectors, and so on.

For a laptop cover, you want something that’s functional. A sleeve with a chain ensures the laptop stays intact with good cushioning. If the sleeve comes with an additional pocket to store cables, that’s also a wise pick.

For a hard disk, invest in a cover because your essential data is stored in it, and minor damage can mean data loss. Lastly, you’ll want to ensure your cables are secured with cable protectors and a pouch for storage.

5) Content Monetization Tools

For a digital nomad, success often comes over time, and as you become more successful you can invest in better gadgets that will increase your quality of work. An intelligent digital nomad knows this and creates a strategy so that it sustains for a longer run, often involving adding another income stream. Aiming for CONTENT MONETIZATION platforms such as Retrieve that enable you to sell guides, courses, training material, videos, e-books, etc., is a great way to add this additional income source. The best part about these platforms is that you can create content once and sell it for a long time without having to add additional content.


Being a digital nomad means embracing a free and flexible lifestyle and ensuring you are always on top of your game. By being imaginative and investing in the right MONETIZATION TOOLS and gadgets, you have more time to explore and bring in more projects that will feed your passion.

When examining the many ways to MAKE MONEY AS A CONTENT CREATOR, you must go beyond the traditional income sources and look for additional options such as CONTENT MONETIZATION platforms. All you have to do is upload your guides and other informational material on these platforms and let your followers, buyers, and clients do the rest—a.k.a. buying your exclusive content.

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