Spice Up Your Balcony With These Stylish Balcony Curtains

Adding curtains to your balcony can provide privacy, shade, and style. With so many options to choose from, finding the perfect set to suit your needs and taste is simple. Read on to learn why you should install balcony curtains, the different types available, tips for choosing the best ones, how to hang them properly, care instructions so they last, and our favorite looks you can recreate.

Why Add Curtains to Your Balcony?

Curtains are a versatile solution for enhancing your balcony. Here are some of the benefits they offer:


Balcony curtains create a barrier that prevents people from seeing in while allowing you to control airflow and light. This transforms your balcony into a secluded oasis.


Curtain panels diffuse harsh sunlight streaming into the balcony. They make the space more comfortable to relax in during intense midday heat.


With countless fabrics and patterns to select, curtains infuse personality into plain balconies. They instantly elevate the area’s aesthetic as a stylish backdrop for plants, furniture and accessories.

Different Types of Balcony Curtains

When shopping for your ideal balcony curtains you’ll encounter these main varieties:

Outdoor Fabric Curtains

Usually made of polyester or olefin, these machine-washable curtains handle moisture well. Sheer panels let in light while blocking views. Blackout fabrics offer full opacity and insulation.

Bamboo Curtains

Sustainably harvested bamboo composite wood slats give a relaxed, natural vibe. Bamboo shades slide to adjust airflow and visibility.

Roller Blinds 

Sleek housing units hold retractable fabric shades that lift up and down. Streamlined aluminum cassettes protect the curtain from weather.

Roman Blinds

Soft folding fabric blinds operate using cords to lift them up into elegant draped formations when open.

Tips for Choosing the Best Balcony Curtains

Keep these handy guidelines in mind while shopping:

Consider the Climate 

In hot zones, choose light hues and breathable sheer or bamboo curtains for ventilation. Where it’s cooler, heavier blackout fabrics help retain heat.

Measure Your Space

Gauge the length and width of windows or railings when selecting a curtain to ensure full coverage without excess material bunching up.

Match Your Style

Opt for on-trend muted tones, an eye-catching graphic print that complements your décor or rich solids like emerald green.

Prioritize Functionality

Figure out your main need – lighting conditions, privacy level, insulation, ease of opening – and pick an appropriate curtain type.

Hanging Your Balcony Curtains

Installing curtains is a simple DIY project. Follow these basic steps:

Mount a Track or Rod

Use sturdy hardware designed for outdoor use. Place the rod above the window or balcony railing to allow curtains to open and close freely.

Use Curtain Hooks or Rings

Durable grommets or back loops at the top of the curtain panels slide effortlessly onto hooks along the rod for smooth operation.

Weigh Down the Bottom

Hem curtains or attach weights to prevent billowing in windy weather while keeping shape.

Caring for Your Balcony Curtains

Make your curtains last longer with these care tips:

Bring Them In During Bad Weather 

Remove curtains from their hardware and store safely indoors to protect from harsh storms, precipitation and debris.

Wash Regularly

Machine or hand wash fabric curtains as needed to prevent mildew, stains and dirt buildup using cold water and mild detergent. Air dry thoroughly.

Repair Any Rips or Tears

Fix minor damage immediately before it worsens and compromises the structure of curtains. Use matching thread color.

Stylish and Practical Balcony Curtain Ideas

Need some inspiration? These chic yet functional looks suit any décor scheme:

Breezy Bamboo Shades 

For a relaxed vibe, mount natural bamboo slat curtains. Draw them open to welcome refreshing cross-breezes while blocking harsh sunlight.

Warm-Toned Printed Fabrics

Punch up plain spaces with vibrant curtains in lively graphic prints featuring coral, yellow and green tones. The colors and patterns energize the balcony.

Sleek Urban Roller Blinds

Discreet charcoal gray or white roller blinds seamlessly blend into modern high-rise apartment terraces. Roll them down when more privacy is needed.


Installing the right balcony curtains that suit your climate, décor, and needs can instantly upgrade your outdoor living area. With pointers on types and installation, you’re ready to creatively transform your plain balcony into a stylish private oasis!


Do balcony curtains need to be weatherproof?

Yes, outdoor curtains should be made of UV-resistant, waterproof materials able to withstand sun, wind and rain exposure.

How do you hang curtains on a balcony?

Use corrosion-resistant metal rods or tracks secured to walls or ceilings to mount curtains just above the railing height using ring hooks.

What fabrics are best for balcony curtains?

Polyester and olefin are durable, moisture-resistant balcony curtain fabrics. Bamboo shades also work well outside.

Should balcony curtains touch the floor?

No, leave some space between the bottom curtain hem and floor to prevent abrasion damage and allow ventilation.

How often should you wash balcony curtains?

Wash fabric balcony curtains every few weeks during summer and at least once before storing indoors for winter.