Solution to searching the web for relevant information

The web is a compendium of information, both filtered and unfiltered, authenticated and unauthenticated. This means in order to find relevant information, one has to go through several sources of information in a bid to find that which suits your search needs .Today we take a look at how to more conveniently surf the web while searching for relevant and authentic information as well as reduce the time expended  during the search process.

ACADEMIC SEARCH ENGINE: A search engine is a program that uses key words entered by a user to go through databases fetching out relevant information based on these key words. An academic search engine is narrowed down to search engines that are set to only find academic contents for example, academic info, seek education, virtual LRC, ref seek, Google scholar and so on. As the name implies, it is modeled to help with academic works, so it give a more narrow, specific and relevant result.

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LIBRARY DATABASE: The information found on the web is not organized in any meaningful way; on the other hand a library database is an organized collection of electronic and digitalized information that is made readily available for research. A lot of library data base are collated from the print form giving it a complete editorial touch which makes it a more reliable search base. It is common knowledge that libraries keep old and recent records of magazines, newspapers, journals and other relevant articles which are fit for back dated research.

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GENERAL GOOGLE SEARCH: This is most familiar to us, it involves typing words or phrases in Google search engine to obtain information that we need. This does not really make research easy but rather complicated as it also has a lot of unfiltered information and is not designed for a specific purpose. However when searching, more specific keywords can help to narrow the search. This will help save time expended in searching.

NEWSPAPER ARCHIVES: Depending on the nature and subject of the information required newspapers can serve as research ground. This includes online papers and magazines.

There are many books written by different authors on various subjects of concern. These books can be stream- lined based on topics/ subjects and at the same time gives the opportunity of combing or choosing one author. Online books can be free or paid for depending on your preference and usually has a brief summary of what the book is about to enable users make a more informed choice. Example Amazon books, Okada Books, etc

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Author: Ejiro Ighodaye
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