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Skip YouTube If You Want To Monetize Educational Videos

Being an educational content creator is more than a moneymaking opportunity. It is a social responsibility to play the role of a teacher, mentor, and guide.

Educational content creators carry their passion for teaching and educating students outside the traditional classroom, so anyone interested in learning a subject can subscribe to their channel and gain knowledge. It is especially beneficial for anyone who has passed their schooling/college age and still wishes to educate themselves.

How much educational content is there on YouTube? According to Think With Google, about 86% of viewers in the U.S. watch YouTube to learn new things. However, shockingly, educational content creators do not generate even a quarter of their total views.

The figures can be pretty dispiriting for an educational content creator who wishes to know HOW TO MONETIZE CONTENT. After all the effort, time, and knowledge you invest in creating solid educational material for your audience, you don’t get much engagement or traction.

So, after hearing all that, do you think YouTube is an excellent VIDEO MONETIZATION PLATFORM for educational content creators?

After a deep analysis of the platform and studying its features and statistics, our opinion is that if you are looking for CONTENT MONETIZATION PLATFORMS for your educational content, skipping YouTube might be the smarter move. If you are a teacher, academic scholar, professor, computer expert, art instructor teaching for school kids or college students, or even the public, consider other revenue streams for your content. If you know your videos are valuable and informative, consider opting for other platforms because only 18% of YouTube Viewers visit an educational channel to learn new things.

Plus, YouTube videos can contain many distractions, like pop-up ads or the video creator sharing links to additional resources and videos. This can make it difficult for students when studying and learning. A better option would be platforms outside YouTube that do not have ads or entertainment content popping up frequently.​
Here are top reasons you should avoid YouTube for educational video monetization
1) The “Skip Ads” Strategy

About 70% of YouTube viewers skip ads while watching a video. 
Moreover, when they are engrossed watching, a 15-20 second non-skippable ad plays. 99% of the time, these ads are entertaining and can disturb the concentration of students. The never-ending ‘skip ads’ strategy on YouTube pushes viewers away, and they look for platforms with no ads and disturbance. Too many distractions could mean losing a curious student for your channel.

2) Overcrowding of entertainment videos on YouTube

As much as 95% of the most-watched videos on YouTube are music videos. A typical YouTube viewer usually streams the platform for music videos, web series, TV shows, movie clips, and fun videos. In short, people use YouTube for entertainment more. So, as an educational content creator, consider a platform like Retrieve, which has a focus on valuable and educational content in the form of guides, handbooks, learning classes, courses, and more.

3) Hardship to reach your target audience

YouTube has over 1 billion active users, and though it is good news for a content creator, for an educational video creator, it only means getting lost in that crowd. Statistics show viewers prefer YouTube for entertainment more than educational content. Therefore, penetrating deep into this crowd and reaching your target audience is difficult.

Also, the top viewed videos will rank on the first page under the recommended videos. YouTube follows a business model focused on yielding revenue over educating masses; therefore, YouTube pushes content that will work with maximum audiences (entertaining content) to yield the maximum revenue.

4) YouTube facilitates only one type of content monetization

A content creator on YouTube earns only 55% of the total earnings
; the remaining amount generated by ad revenue goes to YouTube. This makes it much more difficult for educational content creators to earn money. So, they wonder HOW TO MONETIZE CONTENT and earn better. No matter what promotional strategy you come up with, relying solely on YouTube to boost revenue is not a good idea. You don’t want to have your educational content only one CONTENT MONETIZATION PLATFORM. We suggest you diversify your platforms, and make sure to include a VIDEO MONETIZATION PLATFORM such as Retrieve to add another income source for your educational content.

5) Zero security of your content

Your content is your intellectual property, whether you are a subject scholar or a teacher with expert knowledge. Your content can be stolen and copied without you knowing. Publishing on an open and widely used platform like YouTube, where your videos are easily accessible to anyone, puts your content at risk.

How to monetize content, then?

You must go beyond YouTube as your primary CONTENT MONETIZATION PLATFORM if you are a creator who publishes educational videos. Instead opt for Retrieve, a platform for creators who make informational content such as guides, tutorials, and courses. Retrieve provides an ad-free platform, so it is a fantastic option for educational creators to retain students.

Retrieve lets you sell exclusive content, makes it easy to maintain one-on-one communication with your students, and your students can chat with you using audio, video, and text. Sound interesting? Check out RETRIEVE.COM and take your educational content to the next level!​