Shopify SEO Services: 4 Things You Need an Expert for

Built on Shopify? It’s one of the most capable eCommerce platforms in the industry, with several million active websites.

It’s also a SaaS platform, or a Software-as-a-Service, which means that you don’t need to provide your own hosting or completely develop the website from the ground up.

Basically, it’s a templated platform; you pay a subscription fee to access the platform and they give you access to all the tools you need to launch a functional website.

On that note, there are a lot of aspects of Shopify that are easy to optimize (for search engine optimization) out of the box.

Anyone can optimize meta descriptions and put keywords in headers, title tags, and alt text, or add internal links. But you need to get there. What keywords do you use?

For that, and for the three other elements here, you need the help of an expert Shopify SEO services provider.

Keyword Research
This is the main thing you need a Shopify SEO services provider, especially since the majority of SEO optimizations for your Shopify store will be keyword (and through it, content) centric.

But getting to those keywords, that is the trick. Identifying a suitable keyword for your online store is not about guessing by throwing darts at the board.

Moreover, selecting the “wrong” keywords (or those that you just can’t realistically target) is equivalent to wasting massive resources and funds.

Shopify SEO services providers use special tools that let them see search volumes, difficulty scores, cost-per-click ratings, and the number of results – among other metrics.

They can also see what the search intent of each keyword is, making it possible for them to determine with relatively high accuracy what action people like to take when searching for something.

For instance, since Shopify is an eCommerce platform, most Shopify SEO services providers will want to target transactional or commercial keywords, as people that search these are looking to buy something.

They also know what keywords are attainable and which are a stretch, which means they can work with inherent efficiency.

Competitor Research and SEO Strategy Planning
Of the four things mentioned here, this is the one that you can most likely get away with performing without the help of a Shopify SEO services provider.

However, with that said, the reason to work with one regardless is that it will save you time and effort. These professionals know how to perform a site audit, competitor research, and develop a strategy. Most Shopify SEO services include research and strategic planning, anyway.

It’s all they do. So you can waste a lot of time and money on it, or you can hire a professional and get more for the investment.

Technical SEO Optimizations
Some technical optimizations are easy; others are not. When it comes to advanced site speed enhancements or scouring the source code of the platform looking for junk code that does nothing but slow your site down, you’ll be happy you had a professional Shopify SEO agency in your camp.

Analytics Monitoring
This is another thing you can theoretically do on your own without the help of a Shopify SEO services provider, but it is extremely time–consuming, and moreover, Google Search Console and (particularly) GA4, are not user-friendly.

Besides, Shopify SEO services campaigns (at least full service agreements) almost always entail analytics monitoring so you will be apprised of any changes just about as soon as they happen.

Working with a Shopify SEO Services Provider
Convinced you shouldn’t try to “do” SEO on your own? There’s a reason there’s a whole entire industry for this – it’s because the professionals that administer these services know what they’re doing.

Get in touch with a dedicated agency today that has a good deal of experience optimizing Shopify websites and see what sorts of benefits doing it the right way can have for you.

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