SAL – The Music Master of the Middle East

SAL is a singer, songwriter and music producer from Kenya. Born in Kenya and raised in Dubai, SAL has made his mark in the Middle East as an artist of high caliber. His debut single as a solo artist called “That’s What I Like” premiered on MTV Arabia to great acclaim, and he has since gone on to win many awards for his work. He has collaborated with some of the most renowned names in music, and continues to create powerful music that speaks to audiences all over the world. Let’s take a closer look at SAL’s career. 

SAL was the first English singing artist to be played on UAE radio stations when he began his career as a singer. This led to him being featured as the artist of the month on MTV Arabia, which further helped propel his career forward. As recognition for his accomplishments, SAL went on to win two consecutive AHLAN HOT 100 Influencers awards and was labeled “The Music Master” by several industry professionals. 

SAL has worked with legendary Grammy Award groups like Black Street and R&B group 112, as well as other artists such as MIMS, Lloyd, J Boog, Gyptian and many more. He continues to collaborate with other artists both locally and internationally to create unique music that speaks to people everywhere. His latest album ‘Young & Gifted’ showcases his incredible talent and songwriting ability while also showcasing multiculturalism within the Middle East region through its lyrics, production style and aesthetic visuals.  

In addition to creating new music, SAL is also heavily involved in philanthropic initiatives throughout Africa. In 2017 he launched ‘SALives’ – an initiative aimed at helping young Africans reach their full potential through education by providing them with scholarships for tuition fees or trade schools or universities across Africa. This program helps ensure that these young people have access to quality education so they can pursue their dreams without worrying about financial constraints or lack of resources available in their home countries. Through this initiative, SAL hopes to make a difference in people’s lives by giving them an opportunity they would not have otherwise had access too – education! 


SAL is an inspiring figure who is making waves across the globe with his music and philanthropy work alike! From pioneering English-language music in the Middle East region to collaborating with some of today’s biggest stars in music while also helping those less fortunate than him through initiatives such as ‘SALives’, it’s clear that he is dedicated not just towards creating powerful art but also towards making a real difference in people’s lives around him! If you want some inspiration for your day then be sure check out what Sal is up too – you won’t regret it!

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