Revitalising Your Living Room with Peel and Stick Tiles


Upgrade your living rooms into customised havens on a budget with peel-and-stick tiles. Whether you want to create an energetic ambience or a stylish accent for your living room, you can opt for these peel-and-stick tiles rather than using living room tiles, if you are looking for a low-effort DIY project. All trusted tile dealers in Dehradun will suggest you use tile stickers instead of tiles to revamp your living room. After all, the chances of you being unsatisfied with the result of your DIY tiling project is more when you use tile, because of the messy and uneven grout lines in your living room.. 

Peel and Stick Tiles: An Easy Way to Facelift Your Living Room 

As you may understand from their name, peel-and-stick tiles are a thin, flexible, and cost-effective substitute to regular solid tiles that come with an adhesive backing which can be stuck on every other surface. They come in diverse designs and are easier to install than regular tiles, making them a more suitable choice for DIY tiling projects. Plus, these tiles can be easily pulled out as well, allowing you to change your living room decor every season or year according to your mood. So, they are perfect for decorating your living spaces without the stress of leaving a permanent mark or creating a tangled mess of glues. 

Advantages of Peel and Stick Tiles 

Rental-Friendly Feature

The most fantastic benefit of peel-and-stick tiles is that they are more convenient for rental spaces. So, if you live in a rented house and dream of creating living room interior decor that displays your style and personality, go for peel-and-stick tiles. Of course, there are also amazing living room tiles but you cannot lay them without the permission of your landlord and also as they are costly and may create a mess. You can use these stick-on tiles without any worries about damaging the surfaces upon removal.

Easy Application and Removal 

The peel-and-stick tiles offer not only ease of installation but also ease of withdrawal. Because of this, they are an excellent option for people who love to switch up their living room decor frequently. Unlike living room tiles which are comparatively hard to lay and remove, these stick-on tiles can be effortlessly applied and removed without the need of messy glues or pastes. So, if you are looking for ways to decorate your living room without any stress, consider opting for these sticker tiles. 

Variety in Styles and Designs 

Well-known and reputed tile dealers in Dehradun offer a multitude of exquisite peel-and-stick tiles, ranging from dramatic patterns to soft textures to complex designs. Whether you prefer a monochromatic look or create a relaxing feel, you can always find some peel-and-stick tile options that suit your taste. So, undoubtedly, peel-and-stick tiles are a great option for anyone who is looking for the elegance of regular tiles but without trouble. 

Tips and Tricks to Use Peel and Stick Tiles

Measure the Area Precisely

Whether you want to stick the peel-and-stick tiles on your living room flooring or create an accent wall look, you must evaluate the measurements of the area precisely to get the specific number of stick-on tiles. Besides that, if the area where you plan to stick the tiles is uneven, you can consider sectioning the area into smaller parts to find out an estimated stick-on tile number you will need for your tiling project. However, buy a minimum of 10% more than your estimated amount in case of any wastage or future needs. 

Prepare the Surface

Make sure that the surface is clean and smooth for flawless application before you peel and stick the tiles. If the surface is uneven with bumps and dips, you can add filler or sand it to get an even surface for working and prevent imperfections in your final look. For poor floor conditions, you can install a layer of plywood for a smoother surface to stick the tiles. 

Create Your Layout 

Another thing that you need to do before sticking the tiles is to determine the layout of the tiles. You can lay them out first to get a preview of the final look or how you should lay them to create your desired pattern and for minimum wastage. You can use a piece of chalk to mark the lines to indicate the design of your desired pattern. Also, you can divide the space in half and start laying from the middle portion rather than the edges. This will help appropriately lay the tiles. 


Peel and Stick the Tiles 

Once you are done marking your pattern with chalk, you are now ready to stick the peel-and-stick tiles. Remove the backing of one tile at a time and stick it instantly but carefully. Once a tile is attached to the surface, it is difficult to remove and reuse it. Still, in case of a mistake, you should use a hair dryer to melt the adhesive on the tile backing that you have already stuck and use a thin knife to lift the tile from one corner.

After you finish sticking the tiles, you should run a foam roller over the surface of the peel-and-stick tiles to make sure the adhesive has completely attached the tiles to the surfaces of the walls or floors since it takes about 72 hours for the adhesive to set properly. 


These tiles offer an easy way to add an unconventional touch of elegance and creativity to your walls and flooring. So, without wasting your time in looking for affordable tile options, you should consider using peel-and-stick tiles offered by trusted tile dealers in Dehradun.

such as Orientbell Tiles Boutique, and get ready to start a delightful journey to effortlessly adorn your living room interior while upgrading its decor according to your style.

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